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Women Leading in Ohio AgriBusiness Fall Summit

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association is pleased to announce the first in-person event for the Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness Program. The 2021 Fall Summit, will be held Nov. 30 at Brookshire Event Venue in Delaware, Ohio, featuring Bethany Schunn — manager of Cardinal Power Plant, with her keynote “Stepping Out of Line.” In addition to the keynote and a networking luncheon, three other workshops will take place throughout the day. 

In life, we are faced with many decisions. Some decisions are easy to make, while others push us to get out of our comfort zone. Often, we must “step out of line” in order to take a worthwhile risk. Deviate from our normal ways to seize an opportunity. Bethany’s discussion will focus on how easily one’s path in life can change and how people may need to “step out of line” at times to develop themselves and their companies.

Bethany will speak about serving in a non-traditional role, the successes and obstacles that she faced, as well as lessons she learned along the way. This discussion will also touch on situations that made Bethany a stronger leader, learning to adapt her leadership style in different situations, and encouraging other women to not be afraid to occasionally “step out of line.”

Marlene Eick, who led the Women Leading in Ohio Agribusiness Program webinar series in 2020 and 2021, will emcee the day. Registration opens at 9:00 a.m. and program begins at 9:30 am.This event is open to all women in agribusiness. Interested participants may visit www.oaba.net/women_leading for additional details and event registration. 

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