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By Shelly Detwiler, berry farmer and dietician

Move over pumpkin spice latte, it is egg nog time! Hallmark Christmas movies have arrived, so it is time for a new drink of the season. Egg nog is it! 

Breaking news on the latte scene is that egg nog Latte is being replaced on menus across the country with some kind of sugar cookie almond milk (nut fluid) concoction. The horror of it all! If egg nog latte is one of your favorites, have no fear, look below for a recipe you can make. It embraces authentic dairy and egg products to create your own egg nog coffee beverage at home. Destined to be spectacular this holiday season!

      Americans are passionate about their egg nog. There appears to be no middle ground; you either stalk the dairy case until it arrives on the shelf or you avoid it like COVID. The Detwiler house was split with Luke drinking egg nog by the carton and Jake ecstatic not to get even a drop. One cup of egg nog is enough for my Christmas tastebuds. This may be because in one of my early years, I had an egg nog mishap. This is not fake news as my brother, Jay has corroborated my story, that we indeed did drink egg nog with a splash of eggshells. Is it weird to like a drink of eggs, sugar, and milk/cream? Absolutely not! Think of this amazing fact: egg nog has all the same starring ingredients as ice cream! 

     The history of egg nog it seems goes back to England’s early medieval days. states in The History of Egg Nog, the festive drink known as posset was made with hot milk, sweetened, spiced, and curdled with ale, wine, or some fermented goodness. The story goes that Monks may have been the ones who added the golden egg. The royals, dukes and barons enjoyed the festive beverage due to the expensive ingredients unobtainable to the peasants. Egg nog found a new venue as it crossed the pond and came to the new world where ingredients like milk, cream and eggs became a farmhold name. The zip in egg nog changed from Sherry and Madeira to less expensive liquors like rum and whisky which were more available in America. Egg nog has taken America by storm incorporating the flavors into numerous baked good, sweet treats and beverages.   

      Enjoy these gourmet egg nog beverages and treats. They are sure to be a big hit (at least for those who crave egg nog). Hoping you and your families have a healthy and happy Christmas holiday!

Eat (and drink) healthy and well!

Starbucks egg nog latte at home 

Homemade salted caramel egg nog

Egg nog ice cream

Egg nog cheesecake bars

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