Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast December 6, 2021

Moisture continues over the state today, from the front that spawned action yesterday. It will take through most of the day today to get this front to clear all of Ohio. Additional moisture can be .25″-1″ today, and combined totals for the entire event will be half to 1.5″ over 100% of the state. This was a significant moisture event, and it was driven by dramatically colder air moving into the eastern corn belt. Temps will be on the decline today. We will be well below normal by tonight and stay very chilly tomorrow into early Wednesday. However, we should see some sun tomorrow and most of Wednesday as well.

Thursday clouds are on the increase again, and we see moisture coming late Thursday into early Friday. In fact, from Thursday night through Sunday morning, we see 3 waves of moisture coming through the eastern corn belt, each one a little stronger than the previous. Wave number 2 comes Friday afternoon and evening, and then the final slug through the entire day Saturday. That one will be the most significant and can bring moderate to heavy rains over southern Ohio. 3.5 day totals will be half to 2″ over 100% of the state. However we should see all liquid, as the colder air coming behind the front does not show up until early Sunday morning. The map below shows liquid precipitation potential from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon should be partly sunny, but cold. Then temps moderate Monday and Tuesday, but dry weather remains. Our next front likely does not develop until late in the week, and may wait until closer to the 19th.

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