Team 1 from left to right; Emma Stitizlein, Jenna Sheldon, Logan VanSickle, Alexa Tate, and Amy Hughes.

West Holmes FFA chapter hosted trap shoot

On November 13th, the West Holmes FFA chapter hosted a trap shoot at Silver Dollar Sportsmen’s Club in Wooster. Team 1 placed 6th and team 2 placed 11th out of 18 teams from 10 different schools. . Individually Emma Stitzlein was the high scoring girl with a 41 and Alexa Tate was the second high scoring girl with a 37, they were both just out of the top 5 shooters overall. Logan VanSickle was our high scoring boy with a 36 and then Ian Barr with a 35. Other shooters included Garrett Houin with a 32, Kalan Bowling with a 28, Amy Hughes with a 27, Justice Hendrix with a 25, Keithe Hawkins with a 20, Jenna Sheldon with a 15, and Quentin Vehrs with a 8. Congrats to Hillsdale for having the winning team and top shooter in Mark Able. Thanks to Silver Dollar for hosting! 

Team 2 from left to right; Ian Barr, Garrett Houin, Kalan Bowling, Keith Hawkins, Quentin Vehrs, and Justice Hendrix.

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