Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast January 14, 2022

We are NOT going to completely miss the significant winter system that had been trying to go around us. Unfortunately we are increasing snow totals in our forecast for southern and eastern Ohio for Sunday evening and overnight.

Today we turn out partly sunny and cold, as Canadian air settles farther south across Ohio. We are otherwise dry and stay that way through tomorrow and the first part of Sunday, but temperatures go nowhere.

The system to our west today is diving southward across IA, MO, western IL and will end up tomorrow in AR, then moving east across northern MS, northern AL and southern TN. This system will produce snow down there and make a general mess. We escape all of that and start the day Sunday with good sun in many areas. However, clouds increase Sunday midday in southern Ohio, and then the low starts to track northeast through eastern TN and western NC, The system rides the Appalachians northeast, and that will drag snow into OH, and we are looking at potential heavy snow in parts of south central and eastern Ohio. We are currently drawing a line from Cleveland to Cincinnati, saying south and east of that line we can see 2″-10″ of snow, with the heaviest in far south central OH. North and west of that line, we likely see nothing. The concern is that we see some locally higher totals over the 10″ mark, but we are not going to push out on that limb right now. 10″ or more will all handle the same…its too much by most opinions. However, the biggest snows still stay farther SE into WV and east into PA. The track of the low will be very important in final totals, but this is a good look this morning. The map below is storm total snow potential, as we see it 2 and a half days out.

A significant cold shot comes in behind for monday, and we may see a few residual flurries, but generally we will be precipitation free. That will be the case for the rest of next week too. Outside of some lake effect (mostly Tuesday and Thursday) we see just a mix of clouds and sun. Another colder shot of air takes temps the next leg lower late next week, Thursday and Friday into the weekend.

A minor front has to be watched for late next Saturday afternoon (22nd) as it could bring some minor snows, especially to northern OH, but really, there is nothing to match the potential that we see in this system for late this weekend.

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