American Dairy Association Mideast leadership elected for 2022

The Board of Directors for American Dairy Association Mideast, the dairy promotion checkoff program serving about 1,600 dairy farmers in Ohio and West Virginia, elected their 2022 officers during their annual re-organization meeting.

  • Chair: Greg Conrad of New Holland, Ohio
  • Vice Chair: Greg Gibson of Bruceton Mills, West Virginia
  • Secretary: Lois Douglass of Marshallville, Ohio
  • Treasurer: Joe Miley of West Salem, Ohio

Greg Conrad and Bill Besancon of Wooster were elected to represent ADA Mideast on the United Dairy Industry Association board. Lois Douglass will continue to serve on the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board per her USDA appointment. Conrad, Besancon and Douglass also serve on the Dairy Management Inc. board.

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  1. My name is Kevin Kuhl and I am an Economic Developer for MDARD (Michigan Dept. of Ag and Rural Development). I am working with a client who is in need of high fat (preferably Brown Swiss) non-homogenized dried cream for medical research.

    Would you have any leads that can help?

    Thank you,

    Kevin Kuhl

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