Cover crop mix of daikon radish, oats, cereal rye, rapeseed, and clover

Terminating cover crops with tight glyphosate supplies

By Greg LaBarge, CCA, Ohio State University Extension

Ohio’s cover crop of choice is cereal rye. The herbicide of choice for terminating that cover is glyphosate. However, the fact that 2022 glyphosate supplies are limited has raised questions about cover crop termination. Mark Loux, OSU Extension Specialist, Weed Science, provided some comments at CTTC on the topic. Mark suggests if your glyphosate supply is limited, consider using glyphosate in the burndown and turn to other herbicides options for POST applications.

The recommendation from the Ohio Weed Control Guide is “Glyphosate at 0.75 lb ae/A will effectively control cereal rye up to 18 inches tall. Mixtures of glyphosate plus 2,4-D, chlorimuron, chloransulam, atrazine, or saflufenacil can also be applied for additional control of other cover crop species (specifically broadleaf species) and residual control of summer annual broadleaf weeds. The nonselective herbicides Gramoxone and Liberty are less effective than glyphosate on these species.”

Another option is to use a roller-crimper on cereal rye. Using the tool at the right stage based on species is critical for complete termination. For example, the timing to roll cereal rye is after pollen shed. The rolled crop will form a dense residue mat. The resulting residue mat can suppress weeds and conserve soil moisture in the hot summer months.

For more details on cereal rye termination choices, or if you have species other beyond cereal rye, take a look at the Take Action-Cover Crop Termination factsheet at

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