Cressleaf groundsel. Photo by OSU Extension.

Cressleaf groundsel management

Reminder about the potential for spring infestations of cressleaf groundsel in wheat, forages, and hayfields. This weed, poisonous to livestock, is a winter annual that emerges in the fall and flowers in the spring. It’s most likely to occur in new stands that are seeded the previous summer/fall. 

Growers are often not aware of this weed’s presence until it does flower, at which point the only course of action is to destroy the first cutting of hay to avoid risk of poisoning. Fields should ideally be scouted and treated in the fall when groundsel is easier to control. Where that didn’t occur, scout now and treat when it’s still small.  More information on cressleaf groundsel can be found in a previous C.O.R.N. articlefact sheetvideo, and slides.

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