River valley FFA celebrated National FFA Week

By: Kayleigh Aiken 

National FFA Week started on February 22. The officer team had the room decorated in blue and gold and some green for our greenhands. On Tuesday the theme was tacky tourist and our activity was turkey bowling. Our chapter is competitive when it comes to turkey bowling. On Wednesday we had our greenhand breakfast. We were surprised at how many students came into school early kudos to them. The officer team prepared bacon and eggs for them. After breakfast all of the greenhands got their hands painted green for the entire school day. Wednesday our theme was to wear your chapter shirts or green for the greenhands, our activity was butter carving. Our winning butter carvings were a lamb, falling dominos, a human heart, butter blazer, shark on a rock, a bird, and lastly a hamster rat kangaroo. These students had a hard time carving but they did an awesome job. Thursday’s theme was dress as the year you were born and the activity was minute to win it games. This theme was harder to achieve but our members made it happen. We had three minute to win it games. The first was to blow the cups off the table with your balloon, second was to use a balloon to stack cups, and lastly to pull a cup of water with a toilet paper roll. Friday school was canceled due to weather conditions so we had our theme and activity on Monday. On Monday the theme was country club vs. country and activity was jeopardy games. It was hard for the upperclassman to remember the greenhand questions but they did a good job. This year’s National FFA Week was a lot of fun and we hope to make it better next year!

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