eFields partnering with growers to evaluate Xyway fungicide

By Stephanie KarhoffElizabeth Hawkins, Ohio State University Extension

Preventing significant yield losses from disease is likely on the forefront of growers’ minds following the 2021 growing season. A new product available to growers is FMC’s fungicide Xyway LFR. OSU Extension eFields program is partnering with growers to conduct on-farm trials evaluating the effect of an at-plant soil application of flutriafol (Xyway) on corn health and yield. Information from this trial will be used to improve corn disease management recommendations for growers throughout the state.

At each field site, an untreated control will be compared to plots treated with Xyway applied either in-furrow and/or 2×2. Additionally, growers may also include the following treatments:

  • Xyway + VT/R1 Foliar Fungicide
  • VT/R1 Foliar Fungicide

For this study, a minimum of three replications is required, and four is preferred. Plots must also be randomized to eliminate bias due to plot order. Plots should be at least 500 feet long to ensure accurate yield monitor data.

If you are interested in hosting an on-farm trial, contact your local County Extension Office. 

eFields is a program at The Ohio State University program dedicated to advancing production agriculture through field-scale research. To learn more visit digitalag.osu.edu.

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