Weekend conditions finally allowed for some field work

Kurt Wyler

For the last two weeks we had cold wet weather, but it is beautiful out now. Over the weekend we had some great weather. We had some sun and wind and it really helped to dry the ground out and we got a chance to get some fertilizer and tillage work done. 

I was finally able to get the wheat topdressed. We have been wanting to get that done, but we have not had the chance to get in the field. There is not a lot of wheat in this area, but the wheat that is around is looking pretty good. It has greened up was really wanting that 28%. Last fall we got the wheat drilled we’d wanted to and we ended up putting a little more out. We were questioning terminating that late wheat for a cover crop, but I think with the prices we are going to go ahead and leave it because it looks good enough that I think we can get a decent crop off of it. We do have a few places where it got drowned out over the winter, but overall I’d say the wheat is looking very good.

The cows definitely like the cooler weather. So far we have not had too much heat. We do not usually see problems with them until we get the hot, muggy weather and in the last couple of years that has been in September and October. 

We make a lot of hay and we were able to get some urea spread on all of our grass hay here. There were definitely some wet patches. We are hoping in 2 or 3 weeks we can get some orchardgress hay off before it heads out. It has greened up a lot in the last couple of weeks.

It looks like we are supposed to get rain this afternoon — maybe an inch. We have some more tillage to do and we are hoping to finish that this week. We are hoping to get started on this bean burndown too. 

Nathan Birkemeier

The last couple of days were really nice. Some guys were able to work ground a little bit and put anhydrous on. Today it is a little wet and there won’t be much that happens for a week or so. The conditions were getting close for us to get in the fields, but there were spots that were still a little wet and today they are more wet. Every time it gets to be about ready it rains, so we are going to keep waiting. 

We could use 4 or 5 days of nice weather before we can think about getting started. First on the list is ground that we ripped last year. We want to run a cultivator through it and get it leveled up and start putting corn in the ground. We try to get all the corn on first then switch over to soybeans. We run a 1790 John Deere planter so we can do both with one planter and we only have one piece of equipment to upkeep. We concentrate on the corn and put beans in after that. We try to wait until the ground hits the perfect temperature and we do not necessarily watch the calendar that closely. We really look to see what the field conditions are looking like and get out as early as we can. 

We run Precision units on our planter. We are also running a different closing wheel setup on the back to get the row closed up to make sure we are getting good seed to soil contact. We really look to plant and not have it get rained on for 3 to 5 days so we really can get that corn off to a good start. We look at a lot of different maturities from 107- to 113-day. A couple of years ago it was wet in the spring and the corn went out late and it still finished out really well with some rains in August into September. 

Ryan Hiser

Things have really dried up in the area. There are guys who have been able to get out and get some anhydrous on. We have been able to do some dirt work to get laneways leveled down and we got some brush cleaned up. Other than that we have not been able to do much and now we’re waiting on the next rain. It is supposed to rain today and then cool off. Then we’re supposed to get back into a rainy pattern for next week. Hopefully we can get in the fields soon after that.

We’re not planning on doing much tillage this year because of fuel prices. We’re going to hit some of this chisel plowed ground to just get it leveled up. 

We need to get the 28% bar out and make sure everything is cleaned up on it. The sprayer is ready to go and we are going to pick up seed this week. We’re also going to be hauling some grain this week. Our biggest focus is planting the corn first and getting most of that corn acreage done before we go to beans. We can start beans with the drill. If conditions are right we can run both at the same time.

There are enough hands around here to keep things moving, but it looks like we’re going to have to get it all done at once because it has been such a cold, wet spring.

Joe Everett

We got a little rain overnight and they are calling for another tenth. We got in the fields on Saturday and worked a little ground. We actually got some in the ground on Sunday. We got about 150 acres of corn and beans each planted. That wind and heat really got the ground ready to plant and it went in pretty nice. 

On some of our other ground we still have a ways to go. The ground we planted on is all systematically tiled and that makes a big difference.

This is about the normal time for us to get started planting. It looks like we may not have good weather in the next week depending on how much rain we get. We had a few minor things to work on, but that is how it goes every year. It is always nice to get started to figure those things out. The weather is going to cool off and it will take longer to dry out with this rain. 

There are only a couple of others out planting, but we have seen a lot of people getting out to start and work ground. This weekend really was the first time to get out and get something done. It is almost May and sometimes you don’t get these windows to work. You just don’t know how it will go. Some people may think we are crazy for planting this weekend. Who knows, it may be the best crop we plant all year.

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