Liquid swine manure “base layer” for crop nutrition

In this Cab Cam, Matt visits with Megan Dresbach of WD Farms from Pickaway County who is applying liquid swine manure in Preble County. This cab cam is brought to you by Precision Agri Services, Inc.

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  1. I’m really glad to see farms are trying to minimize waste and utilizing by-products such as this manure in farms as opposed to dumping them in rivers or other water bodies.
    This is a solid move.

    • Eunice,
      Farmers have NOT been “dumping manure in rivers.” Never! The difference is that now farmers are using manure more efficiently, placing manure nutrients where they are needed by the crop instead of simply spreading manure in a field closest to the barn. You can be confident that farmers want high quality water just as much as you do.

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