Northwestern-Wayne FFA Honors Hard Working Members

 Northwestern FFA was very excited to recognize their members for all their hard work and dedication at an in person banquet, after a few years of abnormality. The theme this year was “Southwestern/Fiesta.” Our Chapter was able to give out numerous awards, scholarships, recognize Career Development Event teams, Star members, and show the community how hard members have worked.

Every year the Northwestern-Wayne FFA chapter has three main fundraisers, to help keep the chapter running and be able to contribute to our community. We sell fruit, sausage, and strawberries. Each year the chapter honors our top two salesmen for each fundraiser. This year for the fruit fundraiser Rylee Dawson was the Star Fruit Salesman, with Lauren Vaughan being the Runner-up Fruit Salesman. Dugan McLaughlin was the Star Sausage Salesman, selling a total of 545 lbs of sausage. Rylee Dawson was the Runner-up, and he sold a total of 380 lbs of sausage. For the annual strawberry sale, Dugan McLaughlin was the Star Salesman, having sold 30 total flats of berries. Kirsten Boreman sold 27 total flats, making her the Runner-up Strawberry Salesmen. Congratulations to all salespeople and thank you for your hard work. 

Another portion of the awards ceremony focused on the member’s proficiency areas. Proficiency awards are meant to recognize members for their outstanding performance in their Supervised Agricultural Experiences or SAEs. This year, the proficiencies include the areas of Beef Production, Community Service, Dairy Placement, Dairy Production, Diversified Livestock, Job Placement, Goat Production, Sheep Production, Swine Production, Ag Processing Placement, Equine Entrepreneurship, and Notebook Award.

Rylee Dawson was the winner of our Star Beef Production award. Over the past few years, Rylee has raised 1 Beef Steer each year from the Ashland County Baby Beef Club. Hanna Wilson was the winner of our Community Service Award with Jadeyn Berry as runner up. Both of these ladies have participated in countless events such as the Wayne County Fair recycling, Truck and Tractor Pull, Bell Ringing, and Twilight Tour. Lizzy Howman and Kirsten Boreman both received recognition for their efforts in their Dairy Production. Both have worked countless hours on the farm learning all of the responsibilities and dealing with all the struggles. Our winners of our Dairy Placement award were Rylee Dawson and Jadeyn Berry. Both of these individuals work on dairy farms and do tasks such as cleaning pens, moving cattle, feeding heifers, milking cows, and bedding pens. Riley Stull is the winner of our Diversified Livestock award. Riley works on the Stull Family Farms Breeding Operation and breeds purebred sows and gilts of numerous breeds including Duroc, Hampshire, and Landrace. She is also raising and breeding a herd of Boer goats and plans to sell their offspring for market and breeding purposes. Riley is also raising and breeding Southdown Ewes and plans to sell and exhibit their offspring. Jadeyn Berry is the winner of our Job Placement award.  Jadeyn has been working at Boliantz Packing Co. since November 2021 and has learned skills on how to handle and prepare cuts of meat for consumers. Kaleb Badger is the winner of our Goat Production award. Kaleb raises 1 market goat each year to show at the fair. Kade Tegtmeier is the winner of our Sheep Production award. Kade has a flock of 8 mature ewes and lambed a total of 15 lambs this year. Our winners for our Swine Production award were Kaleb Badger and Zoey Dudte. Kaleb currently has 11 sows that he farrows. Kaleb breeds his sows in the fall, keeps one for show, and sells the rest to 4-H members.  Each year Zoey raises 2-4 Market Hog projects, these projects are for her to show at County, State, and National levels. Ari Borton is the winner of our Ag Processing Placement award. Ari has put in over 2,000 hours of work at the Lincoln-Way Winery. Ari processes and analyzes wines and juices, as well as learns to monitor the fermentation of the wine. Taylor Wurst is the winner of our Equine Entrepreneurship award. Taylor owns 7 horses, 2 of which she uses as her SAE project. Our last award is our Star Notebook award. This award is given to members who have an organized classroom binder in their agriculture classes. We have four recipients for this award Zoey Dudte is the winner for the Ag Business Class, Hanna Wilson is the winner for the  Animal Science class, and Emma and Addy Connelly for the AFNR class. Congratulations and great work to all FFA members in your SAE and Proficiency areas. 

Each year the chapter also recognizes Star members from each year of FFA membership.This year Kate Johnson, Makenna Connelly, Emma Connelly, and Addy Connelly were chosen as our Star Greenhands. Kade Tegtmeier and Kirsten Boreman were our star Sophomores. Hanna Wilson and Melanie Imhoff were our Star Juniors. Finally, Jadeyn Berry, Rylee Dawson, and Zoey Dudte were chosen as the Star Dekalb members. These members all showed qualities of leadership, which every FFA member should possess, and also contributed to the chapter. Congratulations to all members for your achievements within our organization.

When becoming an FFA member, you are not only opening yourself up for opportunities to develop real-life skills, you are also making yourself available for many different scholarships. This year there were a total of 4 scholarships. Rylee Dawson and Dugan McLaughlin were chosen for The Rebecca Stull Memorial Scholarship. Dugan McLaughlin was chosen for the scholarship awarded by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Keener and Commodity Blenders. Jadeyn Berry was awarded the Northwestern FFA Scholarship Award. Congratulations to all members.

Another huge part of FFA is participating in Career Development Events, and our teams wouldn’t be successful without the hard work and dedication from our coaches. Our coaches of our CDE teams this year were Sabrina Hershey, Jenna Barbour, Jason Miley, Brent Hostettler, and Victoria Devore. Northwestern-Wayne would like to thank the coaches of our CDE event teams for their support towards our chapter. Our chapter uses proctors for online tests. Thank you Mr. Scott St. Clair, Mr. Ben Michlak, and Mr. Brent Martin for all of your help and support. The members who participated in these CDE’s were Kaleb Badger, Logan Garman, Haley Caldwell, Jacoby Gilbert, Kade Tegtmeier, Jamison Gilbert, Dugan McLaughlin, Jadeyn Berry, Zoey Dudte, Rylee Dawson, Hanna Wilson, Kirsten Boreman, Gabby Ream, Ari Borton, Mallory Gilbert, Melanie Imhoff, Preston Wilcox, Lauren Vaughan, Audrey Franks, Kayla Cutter, Ella Saal, Chloe Starcher, Kaylee Cherry, Carsyn Frybarger, Kace Hixson, Addy Connelly, Chet McNeil, Emma Connelly, Makenna Connelly, Kate Johnson, Wesley Stoltz, Collin Rouse, Taylor Wurst, Ava Stoller and Kelsee Smith. 

Our chapter also recognizes members who are outstanding in the areas of leadership, and this year Zoey Dudte, Rylee Dawson, Dugan McLaughlin, and Jadeyn Berry earned this award. Thank you for your hard work and excellent leadership skills. 

An important part of being involved in FFA is the academic aspect. Our chapter recognized 62 members for their excellent performance in their Agriculture classes These members were Makenna Connelly, Cheyenne Friend, Sami Herman, Kate Johnson, Kaylee Cherry, Addy Connelly, Emma Connelly, Evan Mckay, Hayden Sigler. Morgan Ervin, Mallory Gilbert, Taylor Wurst, Kayla Cutter. Kaleb Badger,  Ellie Hanshaw, Kara Burgan, Kirsten Boreman, Hayden Cline, Kade Tegtmeier, Ella Saal, Logan Garman. Mary Wellert, Lauren Vaughan, Mel Imhoff, Ava Stoller, Hanna Wilson, Paul Kobak, Brooklyn Buzzard, Audrey Franks, Ariel Smith, and Kelly Harper. Avery Garver, Rylee Dawson, Zoey Dudte, Ari Borton, Kara McKay, Ethan Schwartz, Jadeyn Berry, Kyle Moser, Dugan McLaughlin. Congratulations on your academic excellence. 

Our 2022-2023 officer team was announced at the banquet. Hanna Wilson will serve as President, Kirsten Boreman as Vice President, Taylor Wurst as Reporter, Mallory Gilbert as Secretary, Kade Tegtmeier as Treasurer, Jacoby Gilbert as Sentinel, and Kaleb Badger as Student Advisor. Emma Connelly, Addy Connelly, Makenna Connelly, Kate Johnson, Ava Stoller, Chet McNeil will all serve as assistant officers. Thank you to these members for their hard work and dedication towards our Chapter!

The chapter awards members of both the community and the chapter with recognition in the areas of fundraising, proficiency areas, scholarships, coaching, leadership, and good grades. Everyone is welcome in the FFA and there are always opportunities for students to learn and grow as individuals. 

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