Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – May 5, 2022

Dry today, but clouds will be increasing later this afternoon. We have another round of well advertised rain coming to Ohio, starting after midnight tonight and lasting through Saturday. Rain will be most intense and we will have the best threat of thunderstorms through the day tomorrow. Action on Saturday will be more scattered, more characteristic of a system that is trying to leave but still wrapping a decent amount of moisture back around its low pressure center. We are leaving rain totals for the event at half to 2″, running from midnight tonight through Saturday evening. Coverage should end up being nearly 100%.

The good news is that we are continuing to see a significant dry period for the rest of the 10 day forecast window. We expected sun to return on Sunday, and then we are sunny, warm and dry all the way through next Saturday. Temps will be near normal to start and average 10 degrees above normal by the end of the week. This should promote evaporation at or near maximum levels from Monday forward, meaning we see .25″-.33″ of moisture leaving the surface through that method.

The extended 11-16 day forecast window shows a slight increase in moisture potential to start the following week on monday the 16th into early tuesday the 17th. However, we keep significant moisture at bay until the night of the 18th, where a system with strong thunderstorm potential is trying to work in. There is obviously a good chunk of time for things to change before we get there, and we will watch for signs of confirmation or denial. But for at least next week, we are taking a break from significant moisture.

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