Planting progress variable throughout the state

Ryan Hiser

We have been fairly fortunate. We have been lucky enough on a couple of occasions to be able to dodge some of those bigger, heavier rains. In the last 2 weeks we have been able to cover just about all of our corn acreage. We are down to about 50 acres left and then we have to decide about replanting 25 acres. If you work up the ground and get a pounding rain, it can turn into concrete, and that is what may have happened to us on that 25 acres. We still have not put any beans in the ground because we have been really dedicated to getting the corn in. The last corn acres still have water ponding.

The seed beans we plant are easy to handle and we plant them into the same conditions as the regular beans. The big thing is cleaning things out and making sure you have the right conditions for germination.

There are places to the north of us where they are basically finished with corn and I know of others in the area who haven’t been able to get a seed in the ground. Some of those areas are only 5 or 10 miles down the road. If we had planned our corn acreage here at Milledgeville, we would not have made the progress we have. 

It looks like there is a chance for rain at the end of the week and next week it is going to heat up again. The rain has to turn off at some point because it has been a deluge around here. Two weeks ago, we got north of 3 inches. Some people got 5 and I heard of one person who got 7 inches of rain. Since then, there have been several more rains that have halted progress. 

Joe Everett

We have been really busy the last couple of weeks. It seems like a lot of crops have gone in around our area. We have been fortunate and had some good weather. We finished planting corn on Friday and finished beans on Saturday. We just started sidedressing some of our earlier corn we planted at the end of April. 

We missed some rains that I know other parts of Ohio got. We were already a little drier to start with and we were able to get back in. We put in a lot of hours and got most of our crop in in a short time. We went full tilt until we were able to get everything in. 

It took a lot of scouting. There were some heavier spots in some areas. Everyone was fighting that in this area to some degree. It was not just going to the next field, we had to do a lot of scouting to find the next driest area. 

We had that hot weather and everything we planted got a good start and quite a bit is already coming up. It is not too often we get almost 90-degree weather in May. The cool weather may have slowed up things a little bit but it has not slowed things much.  

A lot of people around here are done or are close to done. I would say planting is at least 75% done around here. When we had that good weather, if you were in the area, you might have gotten hit by a planter if you weren’t careful. It was crazy around here. Things are slowing down a little as people finish up. Now we’re going to make sure everything comes up before we get too excited. Once everything is up, we’ll keep sidedressing as the corn matures.  

Kurt Wyler

The last 2 weeks have been very busy. The week before last we had great weather and we were making hay. We were able to round bale and wrap a couple hundred bales. We thought that was more important than starting to plant. We try to get that first cutting off as early as we can because it is so much better quality. We got fertilizer on and it is coming back really nice. A lot of other guys were in the field planting and we were wishing we were there, but we thought it was more important to get the hay off for our operation.

 After that we were able to hit the beans pretty hard and we have about half of them in the ground. I was also able to start planting the silage corn. Scattered showers have made planting in this last week difficult. I was able to get the silage corn planted and start on the grain corn. For silage, we plant BMR corn that produces about the same tonnage as regular field corn with higher feed quality that we are able to get more milk production out of. The BMR corn has a higher fiber digestibility than conventional corn does.

We have been having to stick to the lighter ground. We have been getting the Turbo-Till out to run across the fields. If we can hit the ground with that and get some wind it dries out a little faster. We are having to work a little more ground this year than we’d like to, especially after the ruts from the wet conditions last fall. 

Nathan Birkemeier

We have not gotten anything in the ground yet. We have gotten a lot of field work finished and we are looking to get out there today or tomorrow. It seems like every time we get a couple good drying days it rains again. There have been some guys who do more no-till who have been able to get in and catch those windows. I would say 50% of the ground that is in no-till is planted. Some of it is out of the ground and looks pretty good already. 

We are mostly conventional. We have a lot of ground run through the cultivator. We have some ground sprayed. Today and tomorrow we’re getting the planter out and can hopefully really get some acres in. We are looking at a little chance of rain on Wednesday so we could have a pretty small window. It looks like toward the weekend we could get another window with dry weather. If we can get 7 dry days, we could have everything planted. 

It has been challenging. Last year we were planting our last field of beans yesterday. I would say 50% of the crops are in the ground around here. A couple of guys were able to hit those early windows. Probably 10% to 15% of the crops in the area are out of the ground already. 

I think everyone is still relatively positive with the markets where they are and they have been staying strong. The input costs are challenging but the prices keep people pretty positive.  

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