Members bowling. (L-R) Miley Snow, Emily Sheely, Zoee Snow, Casey Ogi, Lexy Starner, Alexa Tate, Ava Eberhard, and Zora Starner.

West Holmes FFA April meeting

On April 15th the West Holmes FFA held their April meeting. The regular meeting of the West Holmes FFA chapter came to order on April 15,2022 at 10am. The meeting took place at Triway Lanes and was brought to order by President Cora Crilow. Opening ceremonies were held and officer reports were given. New business; Casey Ogi moved and Lexy Starner seconded to hold Quality Assurance training in class. Motion passed. Alexa Tate moved and Jenna Sheldon seconded set gold, silver, and bronze members for the banquet. Motion passed. Ava Eberhard moved and Andi Schuch seconded to hold an Adopt-A-Highway clean-up after school before the May meeting. Motion passed. Garrett Fowler moved and Maria Steiner seconded to hold a County Home clean-up this spring. Motion passed. Andi Schuch moved and Garrett Houin seconded to pay for the turkeys and supplies. Motion passed. Zora Starner moved and Emily Sheely seconded to hold and pay for officer retreat. Motion passed. Ian Barr moved and Garrett Houin seconded to hold a teacher appreciation lunch on May 2nd and pay for supplies. Motion passed. Garrett Houin moved and Madison Williams seconded to pay for updated classroom supplies. Motion passed. Brody Gindelsberger moved and Maria Steiner seconded to participate in the Memorial Day Parade and pay for supplies. Motion passed. Hayden Smith moved and Jimmy Lesiak seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 10:25am. After the meeting was adjourned members enjoyed bowling. Thank you to Triway Lanes for having us!

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