Poultry Judging Team. (L-R) Alysa Pringle, Dakotah Ringwalt, Sarah Irwin, and Becca Schuch.

West Holmes FFA Chapter sent several judging teams to the state judging competition

This spring the West Holmes FFA Chapter sent several judging teams to the state judging competition in Columbus, Ohio on March 26th and 29th. The judging teams that competed were the Horse team, Dairy team, Poultry team, the General Livestock team, and Vet Science team. 
The poultry team placed 23rd out of 57 teams, individually Sarah Irwin was 77th, Becca Schuch was 78th, Dakotah Ringwalt was 154th and Alysa Pringle was 163rd out of 216 individuals. Poultry Judging consists of a general knowledge test, parts ID, carcass evaluation, live bird judging, and ready to cook bird placing classes.  The Dairy team placed 28th out of 62 teams, Individually Wyatt Schlauch was 17th, Amy Hughes was 110th, John Maloney was 196th, and Maison Carter 343rd out of 405 individuals. The Dairy Judging contest consisted of a general knowledge test, cow and heifer judging, sire selection, and pedigree selection. The horse team placed 43rd out of 96 teams, individually Bree Pringle was 31st, Ian Barr was 33rd, and Gabby Yates was 270th out of 342 individuals. The horse judging contest consisted of the general knowledge test, tack identification, plant and pest identification, and judging halter and performance classes.The Vet science team placed 49th out of 67 teams, individually Gabby Yates was 180th, Jenna Sheldon was 316th, Taelor Patterson was 433rd and Quentin Vehrs was 480th out of 545 individuals. The Vet science team took a test on the general knowledge in the vet industry, tools and techniques. The General livestock team placed 52nd out of 179 teams.  Individually Ethan Feikert was 179th, Pacee Miller was 292nd, Andi Schuch was 311th, Chloe Shumaker was 462nd, Maren Drzazga was 480th, Olivia Gerber was 486th, Casey Ogi was 538th, Jenna Sheldon was 568th, Hayden Smith was 597th, Alex Pringle was 652nd, and Cora Crilow was 734th out of 955 individuals. General Livestock Judging consists of evaluating pigs, sheep, goats and cattle for market and breeding purposes, answering questions about them and completing a market grid on profitability of animals. 

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