Russian military efforts are actually targeting Ukrainian farm fields, facilities and equipment. Photo provided by Roman Grynyshn.

Farm aid for Ukraine

By Matt Reese

Despite the risks and hardships of war surrounding them, Ukrainian farmers are still trying to farm. The food they produce is as important as ever for their local communities and a hungry world.

Ohio State University Extension entomologist Kelley Tilmon and others in Ohio have been working with Roman Grynyshn from Ukraine to develop a video about a farmer-to-farmer initiative to help support small/mid-sized Ukrainian farmers rebuilding and recovering from ongoing war damage.

Grynyshn used to work for the U.S.-funded Farmer to Farmer program to help small and medium sized Ukrainian farmers improve production practices. He said agricultural fields of Ukraine have become the second battlefield of this war. Russian military efforts are actually targeting farm fields, facilities and equipment. Landmines and munitions are found regularly in farm fields, yet farmers continue to try to farm and produce food despite the risks.

Grynyshn is currently on a U.S. tour raising awareness of the issues faced by farmers in Ukraine and facilitating efforts to help them continue to farm and rebuild their operations. To learn more, watch the video: or visit the World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine website at

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