Photo by Tony Meyer, south of Deshler in Henry County.

NW Ohio swamped after big rain

By Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg

Rain totals in the neighborhood of over 5 inches fell on already soggy northwest Ohio starting June 6. The rains left fields flooded and newly planted crops swamped under feet of water in some areas. Ottoville, Miller City, Kalida, and Deshler got some of the heaviest rain. It made for plenty of heartbroken, frustrated farmers who have been battling persistent rainfall all planting season. Areas around Van Wert faced heavy rains as well. Tony Meyer sent in this photo from south of Deshler in Henry County. Most of the state had heavy rains.

Photo by Tony Meyer, south of Deshler in Henry County where around 5 inches of rain fell.

Nathan Birkemeier of Putnam County shared these photos from his area that got anywhere from 2 inches of rain to nearly 5 depending on the field.

Flooded fields 12 hours after a 4-inch rain in Putnam County south of Miller City. Photo by Nathan Birkemeier.
Water flooded fields and roads in Putnam County after 3-4 inches of rain near Ottawa. Photo by Nathan Birkemeier.

Ryan Barlage near Miller City in Putnam County, where some of the heaviest rains fell, got 3.8 inches of rain in the first hour and 6 inches total. The storm was 3-4 miles wide and hit his sidedressed, 8-inch tall corn and soybeans that were an inch or 2 tall. The next morning he had 90 acres of corn and 230 acres of beans completely underwater. Barlage shared these videos:–6

And these photos…

Photo by Ryan Barlage near Miller City.


Photo by Ryan Barlage near Miller City.


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