Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – June 13, 2022

Heat will be the number one headline in the forecast this week. We expect at least 3 days back to back to back of temps in the 90s and heat indices in the triple digits. Before we get there, we will deal with the warm front (that is bringing all of this, by the way) passing over the state today. That front will be preceded by sunshine and higher humidity, and then we get some thunderstorms late this afternoon and tonight in west central and southwest OH, and showers and storms in NE Ohio tomorrow morning. All told, we can expect .25″-1″ of rain over about 60% of the state from late this afternoon through mid morning tomorrow.

Then, the heat dominates. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will see actual air temps in the 90s and heat indexes from 99-106 over all of Ohio. Humidity levels will be high, and some of the air temps will be pushing records. The map below shows afternoon highs Wednesday afternoon. The heat may trigger a few hit and miss thunderstorms by the time we get to Thursday afternoon, but in general, the heat will cap the atmosphere for strong storm development, so we don’t expect much, save for a few tenths over 30% of eastern Ohio counties.

Sunny, warm and dry weather conditions are back for Friday through the weekend, along with monday and the first part of next Tuesday. Evaporation will be strong, but humidity levels stay elevated. Still, the period looks prime for forage or hay work.

Scattered showers may pop up again over the eastern half of the state next tuesday late afternoon and evening, with rain totals of up to .4″ and coverage at 40%. Wednesday turns out partly sunny to finish the 10 day forecast window.

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