Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, June 2, 2022

We’ve got some dryer weather trying to unfold over the Buckeye state here today. We’re starting with clouds in a lot of areas today. Moisture is limited mostly to Southern and far southeastern parts of Ohio. That’s the remains of the frontal complex that tried to come through overnight last night. We’ll start the day with some moisture there. I won’t rule out a few showers outside of that zone but again we are seeing a clearing trying to take place today. 

We turn out partly to mostly sunny by mid-to-late afternoon. We are dry then for tomorrow, for Saturday, and for Sunday. That’s probably it though for this a dryer forecast pattern that we found ourselves going back a week and a half now. We do see the switch flip going into early next week. 

A frontal boundary tries to work through Ohio on Monday initially giving us just scattered showers. We expect to receive a few hundredths to maybe 3 or 4 tenths of an inch of rain  for Monday during the day. A second wave of moisture comes overnight Monday night through Tuesday. It can bring anywhere from 1 to 1-¼ inches so combined I think we have to leave our totals at 1-¼ to 1-½ inches of rain and coverage at 100% of Ohio out of that.

We clear out Tuesday night. Wednesday starts with sunshine but Wednesday night another round of thunderstorms comes. We could receive 1/4 to 1-½ inches of rain once again with coverage at about 75% of Ohio. 

We are dry for Thursday night into early Friday and then we’re looking at another round of scattered shower action trying to come through overnight Friday night through Saturday -¼ to 3/4 inch coverage with about 75% of the state again picking that up. 

Through the rest of the weekend we’re likely going to be trying to turn dry next weekend with maybe a couple of days back to back but the pattern definitely is more active Monday through Saturday morning.

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