Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – June 24, 2022

Nothing to see here…at least in terms of changes to the forecast. We continue to be locked into a mostly dry, sunny, warm pattern. The emerging “flash drought” will be intensifying over the coming 8 days. We do see a slightly better set up for rain late in the 10 day forecast window, more on that in a bit.

Today and tomorrow are fully sunny, warm and dry. Evaporation will continue to be at a maximum, although there is a limit to what moisture is left available to evaporate. A minor front will move through Ohio on Saturday. There will be some threat of rain from the front, but mostly a few hundredths to no more than .4″ over 60% of the state. We still feel NW Ohio is most likely to get missed by that moisture. The map below shows 24 hour rain potential from Sunday morning to monday morning.

We are back to sunny, warm and dry weather for the bulk of next week, Monday through Friday. Temps will be normal to above normal and we will continue to stress these crops.

Now, the slightly better news in the forecast this morning. A front is likely to move into the eastern corn belt next Saturday and Sunday, bringing rain chances with it. By far, the best rain potential comes Saturday, and the rain outlook has improved just a bit for that day. We can see .25″-1″ rain totals from showers and storms with 80% coverage. We could also see this linger into Sunday with an additional .1″-.5″ and 60% coverage. However, we want to see how things hold together over this weekend, before we get too excited about moisture out in days 9 and 10. There is plenty of time for things to change, and we are dealing with a very, very dry atmosphere at the moment and leading up to that frontal passage. So, check back monday morning for the update. Until then, keep your fingers crossed!

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