Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast – July 6, 2022

Several more days of unsettled weather over Ohio are in the works. Today, tomorrow and the first half of Friday we are are going to have to watch for showers and thunderstorms. We expect 3 waves to come through in that period, and by far the most impressive will come overnight tomorrow night into early Friday morning. Strong to severe weather is possible from that wave, but it also looks to be stronger farther to the west in parts of Indiana. However, combined from today through midday Friday we are expecting half to 2″ rain potential over 100% of Ohio. This, added to what we saw yesterday will definitely cure any short term drought issues we were seeing. In fact, some of these totals may be more than we really wanted or needed in spots, but by no means are we inviting any complaints! The map below shows rain potential combined through midday Friday.

We turn partly sunny and dry Friday afternoon, and stay sunny, warm and dry through the weekend and the first part of next week. A few scattered showers may pop up over far eastern Ohio next Tuesday afternoon, but will be only a few hundredths to a few tenths. Western Ohio stays dry. Next Wednesday may be slightly better for rain potential, as a minor front sags into the state. That front will produce .1″-.4″ but coverage will only be 40%, and focusing on that 40% in central and southern Ohio. We then are dry for all of Thursday, Friday and next Saturday.

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