2022 Ohio State Fair Outstanding Market Exhibitors

Chance Mezurek, Lorain Co., 14, was the first place Outstanding Market Goat Exhibitor. 
The other Goat Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Landry Wrasman, 9, Putnam Co.; Adelyn Rupejko, Madison Co., 10; Briar Wilson, Muskingum Co., 11; Gabby McDade, Butler Co., 12; Julia Cowdry, Fairfield Co., 13; Hayden Smith, Holmes Co., 15; Jayden Hinkle, Muskingum Co., 16, Hayley Bolden, Washington Co., 17; and Emma Sutherly, Miami Co., 18.
Michaela Eades, Union Co., 12, was the first place Outstanding Market Poultry Exhibitor. 
The other Poultry Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Kyle Stacklin, Union Co., 9; Alia Hester, Clinton Co., 10; Abby Conrad, Hancock Co., 11; Madison Estep, Madison Co., 13; Alexandra Kinney, Logan Co., 14; Lilly Conrad, Hancock Co., 15; Ava Hester, Clinton Co., 16; and Allison Kinney, Logan Co., 17, and Zane Ortman, Perry Co., 18.
Delaney Dudte, Wayne Co., 13, was the first place Outstanding Market Lamb Exhibitor. 
The other Lamb Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Avery Flax, Clark Co., 9; Brock Shearer, Wayne Co., 10; Cameron McCoy, Ashland Co., 11; Ephraim Fowler, Guernsey Co., 12; Nora Jackson, Harrison Co.,14; Mylee Shatto, Shelby Co., 15; Marshall Miller, Tuscarawas Co., 16; Adeline Kendle, Tuscarawas Co., 17; and Grace McCurdy, Marion Co., 18.
Landen Russell, Pickaway Co., 11, was the first place Outstanding Market Barrow Exhibitor. 
The other Barrow Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Lincoln Barnes, Fulton Co., 9; Denali Pence, Adams Co., 10; Noah Sponcil, Highland Co., 12; Ava Genter, Fulton Co., 13; Sydney Stirm, Crawford Co., 14; Corbin Winkle, Highland Co., 15; Jaden Snyder, Clinton Co., 16; John Smock, Shelby Co., 17; and Emma Leggett, Tuscarawas Co., 18.
Wyatt Osborn, Highland Co., 14, was the first place Outstanding Market Beef Exhibitor. The other Beef Outstanding Market Exhibitors were: Blake Osborn, Highland Co., 9; Easton McClure, Marion Co., 10; Carson Barton, Clinton Co., 11; Owen Bailey, Wayne Co., 12; Tyler Neill, Huron Co., 13; Hayden Smith, Holmes Co., 15; Grant Belleville, Wood Co., 16; Carly Csapo, Wayne Co., 17; and Dawson Osborn, Highland Co., 18.

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