New Tribute packaging

Tribute Superior Equine Nutrition has a new look. New packaging is currently being introduced, as the supply of previous packaging runs out. The fresh new design features key upgrades to help consumers easily access the expertise available, so they can care for their horses with less worry. 

An image of the product is now included on the front of the bag, in addition to familiar colors consistently used on each package, so that the horse owner can quickly spot their favorite Tribute product. A QR code present on the front of each bag gives instant access to complete product information. The contact information to the Tribute product support team has been added to the back of the bag, to make it easier to get questions answered, or even get a personalized equine feeding plan tailored to their horse’s specific needs. A QR code linking to the new Tribute feeding rate calculator can take the guesswork out of how much to feed.

One upgrade to Tribute packaging isn’t something that has been added, but something that is missing. The familiar colorful paper tags flapping off the end of the bags won’t be there anymore. This staple of bagged animal feed is being phased out on Tribute bags. The tag information can now be found printed directly on the bag. 

Eliminating paper tags preserves 1,200 trees every year. Additionally, all the energy, resources and transportation needed to create the 22,000 reams of paper that would have become paper tags is being conserved. Transportation from the paper supplier to Tribute facilities alone saves five semi-truck loads a year. 

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