Rains continue through August

Ryan Hiser

Things are looking good. We have enough moisture to keep things moving along. Plant health looks well in terms a contrast from earlier this year. We’ve been out checking things and they look a lot better than we originally thought they were. It has been a nice check to actually get out and determine what was out there.

I just came up 71 from Cincinnati to Fayette County. They had gotten a lot more rain than us further south. We had a heavy shower just go south of us toward Sabina. When you look at the area around us it is super wet, but it has been splitting north and south and missing us. We were getting a little dry there for a little while but we did catch some of the showers. 

We’re starting to get ready for harvest. We finished cleaning out a couple of bins by getting the last of the crop hauled out. We have been moving equipment around to get the combine out and start working on it. 

In most years, whatever comes out first we work on first. We try to keep our newer and better combine cleaned out and ready to go for seed beans so we can get out and run those as soon as possible. We have both combines then running beans, run all the beans, then switch to corn. If we can’t get into some of the beans, we can be flexible in terms of switching over and running corn. The corn and bean bin sites are basically separate. 

Kurt Wyler

We’ve been lucking out and getting scattered showers to keep things rolling. The other day we had a nice slow rain. It rained for about 12 hours and that really helped. The crops we have checked are better than what we expected. I am seeing a little bit of insect and disease issues, but nothing overly concerning. 

We are seeing a little gray leaf spot in the corn. We didn’t go back in with fungicide on corn or beans. Last year was a horrible year for disease, but for some reason this year we are not seeing nearly the pressure we have.

Our corn is filling out a lot more than I expected it would be. For when we planted, the next few weeks will really ply a big role in how it finishes out.

We have had a lot of cooler weather that the cattle have definitely enjoyed. When it gets down into the 50s at night it really gives them a break to cool down. We can definitely tell they are enjoying the weather, because they are eating a lot more which, in turn, makes more milk. When it was hot they slacked off from eating and just wanted to lay around.

We have been getting some windows to take off some dry hay. And with the amount of showers we have been getting, our ground is actually still really dry, so that makes getting the dry hay made a lot easier. We have both the round and the square balers running right now.

Joe Everett

We are getting a little dry. We could really use a rain and hopefully we are getting some this weekend. Crops are really starting to show some stress due to the lack of rain. 

I think corn still can use the rain. I think it could make a difference. Especially the later planted corn could still benefit from some moisture.

It has been at least a couple of weeks with no rain. It didn’t affect us for a while and now we are starting to see the effects of it. It looks like there is a good chance of getting a substantial rain, maybe on Sunday. If we can get that I think it will help the corn and definitely help some of the later planted beans. The later beans are still trying to fill and put pods on. They still look like they’re alright. They have filled out pretty well. A nice shot of rain would really help finish them out.

It seems like things are just slowly going along. It looks like we’ll be getting to harvest at the end of September, which is about normal. We’re full bore on getting ready for harvest. We got our combine out, went through it and made sure everything is ready to go. We started working on our bean header and we have a few things to do there. We still have to get the corn header out and that will take some time.

We like to get a good start on things so if we run into anything we have time to get it fixed before harvest. We have not seen much disease or insect pressure. That is quite surprising for the year we have had. We did apply fungicide and we think that has really helped as well. 

Nathan Birkemeier

Things look really good. We have been continuing to get rains and the beans continue to put pods on. I think this could be one of those years where we see pods pushing right out of the top of the beans. I’m really excited to see what kind of bushels we get. The potential is really good. The places that have been getting rain are definitely going to have good beans.

The corn is also looking good and healthy. Really this rain is saving all the late planted stuff. Anything that went in with marginal conditions, hopefully this rain can bring around. We couldn’t ask for better weather right now. The days aren’t getting super-hot and with the nights staying cool, it is really keeping the heat out of the fields. If we get a late fall, everything should come off really well. Hopefully the rain can shut off maybe mid-September or early October so we can get out and get some tillage done.

The calendar is a little bit of a concern. If we get an early frost, it would be really detrimental. I’m optimistic we won’t have an early frost. With spring being later I think fall will be later also. I also think corn is going to come out of the field wet. I’d be surprised to see 17% moisture corn coming out of the field. If we have wetter corn that will be an extra cost this year. 

I am continuing to scout fields. It is amazing to see how little disease is out there. It was hot in July and then with the moisture we have now, there is not much disease out there which is surprising for the conditions that we’ve had this year. 

We still have some work to do before harvest. We have a couple of things we need to tweak on the combines. And we have to get the trucks around and get them serviced, along with getting all the tractors serviced and getting tillage tools on. If we have a good solid month to get things done, we’ll be in good shape.

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