Ohio Department of Agriculture announces new farmland preservation commitments

More Ohio farmland will remain Ohio farmland. The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is proud to announce 256 acres have been added to the Farmland Preservation Program. Deeds Family Farm and Wells Family Farm in Licking County become the 21st and 22nd Ohio farms to join the program this year.

Agricultural land is a key part of Ohio’s landscape. Preserving this land is essential. An agricultural easement in Farmland Preservation is a voluntary agreement between the landowner and ODA, where the landowner agrees to perpetually maintain the land predominantly in agricultural use. In exchange, the landowner is either compensated or may be entitled to a tax deduction.

In partnership with ODA, local sponsor Licking County Soil & Water Conservation District played a significant role in securing this agreement.

Since the Office of Farmland Preservation began in 1998, 673 farms totaling 102,145 acres have entered into agreements. This allows Ohio to continually be a top producer, helping not just Ohioans, but all Americans.

Funds from the purchase of these easements are invested in the local economy by the landowners expanding their farming operations, purchasing new equipment, reducing debt, adding conservation practices, planning for retirement, and their children’s education. When the state purchases a farmland easement, the proceeds are plowed into Ohio’s economy and our agriculture industry is preserved for future generations.

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