Northwestern FFA hosts 2022-2023 Officer Retreat 

Northwestern FFA hosted its annual officer retreat for the chapter officers. To start off the day all of the officers met in the Ag classroom. The members of The Officer team this year are Hanna Wilson President, Kirsten Boreman Vice President, Mallory Gilbert Secretary, Taylor Wurst Reporter, Kade Tegtmeier Treasurer, Jacoby Gilbert Sentinel, Kaleb Badger Student Advisor, and lastly our Assistant officers, Chet Mcneil, Kate Johnson, Ava Stoller, Emma Connelly, Mackenna Connelly, and Addy Connelly. The day consisted of many fun activities to build a bond between the officers along with learning to work together. 

The first activity assigned was a puzzle, and the groups were split up into three to four students. Students had to work together to make the puzzles and help others to finish their puzzles as well. After the puzzle, breakfast was served. The next step to the officer retreat was to plan the activities for the upcoming school year. During the planning session the officers discussed fundraisers, Fun Friday activities, meetings, and our theme for the year. The theme for this year is the County Fair. During the planning sessions the team was able to interact with each other and become closer to one another while sharing their ideas. After the planning was another positive icebreaker activity followed by lunch. 

Once lunch was finished the students discussed any last ideas or concerns they had. The next activity was rafting at Mohican Adventures in Loudonville, Ohio. The officers of the chapter were divided amongst three rafts and then worked together to move around obstacles down the river. Once everyone had reached the end dinner was provided at a restaurant across the street. The chapter was able to communicate with each other and learn how important it is to work together especially in a raft going down the river. These activities provided during the officer retreat will help Northwestern FFA to develop a bond together. Everyone is very excited to see what this year will be!

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