Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, September 28, 2022

Chilly weather dominates over the next two days, but then we start to see a bit of moderation. We can temps start in the upper 30s in a few spots this morning and tomorrow morning, but our daytime highs do climb into at least the lower 60s each day. With the cool air, we still will deal with some clouds today, and not as much tomorrow. But, we should be mostly dry.

Sunny and dry conditions run into the first half of the weekend as temps moderate just a bit. Ian will make landfall on the western Florida peninsula today, and then move into the Southeast through the rest of the week. We still do not think we see a huge threat of moisture out of Ian, but will see more clouds around for Sunday and Monday, and a few models are pushing moisture a bit farther north and west, so we say “stay tuned”. At the moment are are projecting the state stays fully dry over the northern half, but will leave the door open for showers in southern Ohio, depending on how the storms remains move through the Carolinas, and the best potential would be in areas far south and closer to the OH River. If those showers do pop up, totals will be minor to smallish. As of right now we are talking few, if any harvest issues. A lot more will be known in 48 hours as we see where Ian goes once he makes landfall.

We keep the dry pattern going through next week. We see sunny and dry conditions Tuesday through Thursday the 7th. A system works in for the 8th in the afternoon from the NW, and may bring us our best rain chances over the next 10 days in that timeframe. However, rains are still not that impressive, yielding a few hundredths to a few tenths at best for the 8th, and then drying back down already for the 9th. This forecast is conducive to good harvest over the next 10 days. The map below is an updated look at 10 day precipitation as compared to normal for this time of year.

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