Ohio Field Leader Roadshow | Les Seiler

The Ohio Field Leader Roadshow takes Dusty Sonnenberg to northern Ohio where he visits with farmer Les Seiler to discuss a two-stage ditch project on his Fulton County farm. The difference in erosion control has made a dramatic difference in multiple areas on Seiler’s operation, which he discusses further in this video.

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  1. A wonderful, informative interview with Les Seiler about 2-stage ditches. Jessica D’Ambrosio, now with The Nature Conservancy, did her Ph.D. research in Ag. Engineering at OSU on designing 2-stage ditches. As the video shows, at normal times, the water stays in a narrow ditch. During rain storms the water level rises and spreads over the shelf on each side of the ditch. Vegetation slows down the runoff, removing sediment and nutrients from the water. Thanks Dusty and Les.

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