Wood County AG-Venture Tour

Wood County Economic Development Commission and Wood Soil and Water Conservation District are partnering with local and county organizations and businesses to host the 2022 Wood County AG-Venture Self-Driving Farm Tour Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022, 10 AM – 3 PM.  Travel at your own pace and visit the southeast section of Wood County’s 617 square miles to experience the history and meet local farm families and ag businesses who make it happen. The event is free and open to the public.  

Wood County agriculture is a leading economic driver yet many Wood Countians are unaware of the products grown in their backyard. From eggs to Oreos, Wood County growers are key manufacturers to the foods we eat and the fuel we use to get around. The Ag-Venture stops include: Benschoter Hay & Straw, 7298 Cloverdale Rd. Cygnet; Buckeye Seafood Company, LLC, 6094 Oil Center Rd. Bloomdale; Harrison Farm and Truck and Body, 11100 Wayne Rd. Wayne; Weber Ranch, LLC, 4965 Defiance Pike, Wayne; and Wood County Museum, 13660 County Home Rd., Bowling Green. 

Follow Wood County Ag-Venture on Facebook to learn more about the Ag-Venture and visit woodswcd.com – Home for a map and details on each stop.

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