Apple Farm Service offers Pipe Ag

Apple Farm Service is excited to be the first dealership for Pipe Ag. Pipe Ag, a local company based out of Springfield, Ohio, is a quickly growing Ag technology business designed to help the farmer improve their harvest efficiencies. 

In a nutshell, Pipe Ag saves the farmer a minute or two each hour, which ads up over the entire harvest season. It allows everyone in the field to know how full each grain cart is, how long until the combine needs unloaded, when the semi-trucks will get back to the field, and where compaction needs addressed.

Roark Thompson, owner of Pipe Ag, explains how his software is easy to install and even easier to use. Combines and semi-trailers just need one sensor installed in the grain tank. Grain carts with scales take even less work. Every sensor is then automatically synced to a designated IPad that sits in the combine, tractor, or semi-cab. 

All data is shared between the farm’s IPads. This means that the grain cart operator will know when the combine is getting full (well before the beacon light turns on). The combine operator and grain cart driver will know when the semi-trailer is almost full, and when the next truck should be arriving from the dump station. If someone notices an obstacle in the field, they can quickly “pin” the location on the IPad to automatically warn the combine or grain cart to stay away. 

Pipe Ag can also be used to replace hand written tickets and weigh stations at the grain bins. Using the LibraCart system on the IPad, Pipe Ag will automatically keep track of how much grain is delivered to each dump site. Users can quickly note which bin they dump to when they arrive, or mark which contract their load is going to at the elevator. 

The simplicity of the software, the easiness of installation, and the connectivity of Pipe Ag makes it a tremendous value to the farmer. 

As a dealer, Apple Farm Service will help with installation, assist with troubleshooting, and quickly provide any broken sensors or IPads.

Those who want to learn more about Pipe Ag can visit to see a video blog about Pipe Ag and a video showing a live demonstration of the software. You can also call our Precision Department to schedule a demo of the Pipe Ag software. 

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