Photo by Casey Moser.

Autumn harvest beauty

By Matt Reese

What a beautiful, almost unprecedented stretch of nearly ideal harvest weather! After a late start to harvest, great weather through most of the first half of October allowed Ohio’s farmers to make up the difference and catch up to the 5-year average harvest progress for Ohio. By Oct. 16, 24% of Ohio’s corn was harvested for grain, compared to the 5-year average of 25%. On the same date, the state’s soybeans were 51% harvested in 2022 and the 5-year average was 52%, according to the USDA NASS Ohio Field Office. The timing of this big push for harvest progress coincided with some stunning fall foliage around Ohio. With so much potential for beautiful autumn harvest photos out there (and many cell phones handy for capturing them), we asked for folks from around the state to send us some. There was a tremendous response with so many beautiful photos! I wanted to share a few on this page. You can check them all out on the Ohio Ag Net/Ohio’s Country Journal Facebook page.

Photo by Katie Black.
Photo by Tracy Gray.
Photo by Matt Lutz.
Photo by D. J. Angles.
Photo by Jason Nuhfer.
Photo by Kathryn Wilkie.
Photo by Cody Kirkpatrick.
Photo by Courtney Williams.
Photo by Lynn M. Van Deusen
Photo by Lee Radcliff.

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