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New voter guide from Ohio Corn & Wheat

By Luke Crumley, Ohio Corn & Wheat

A couple of months ago, members of the Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association Board had a great idea. They said our members need to see political access as a benefit for their membership and they need to be informed about where candidates and elected officials are on the issues that matter the most to corn and wheat producers. 

We took that direction from our grower leaders and we compiled a list of questions to send out to every member of Congress in the state as well as their opponents for the upcoming election. Instead of doing an endorsement, we decided to let them respond to us in their own words in our 2022 Voter Guide. It’s a lengthy document, but it is our Ohio politicians responding in their own words to questions on issues including infrastructure, biofuels, risk management and farm bill. Our politicians get to tell us exactly what they think about those issues and there are some pretty startling responses in there, which I think is illuminating for our grower members. There are also some really good indications that we’re moving the needle with our elected officials and helping them understand the importance that things like ethanol and animal agriculture play in keeping our farmers economically sustainable here in Ohio. There is some really good information and it is completely free for members of our Association. Visit to see it for yourself. It is a great resource and hopefully it’ll help voters come to a decision in November.

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