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The Ohio Farm Bureau Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee (AGGPAC) Friend of Agriculture designations were announced in the 2022 Election Guide, included in the October Buckeye Farm News. Take a look at the guide before voting early or going to the polls Nov. 8. Here is more about our process for determining the Friend of Agriculture designation and why some offices receive no designation.

How does AGGPAC designate Friends of Agriculture?

The Friend of Agriculture designation recognizes Ohio General Assembly and U.S. congressional candidates for their views on issues of importance to agriculture, and for their alignment with Farm Bureau policy.

In open seat screenings where the incumbent is not seeking re-election, both candidates, one candidate, or neither candidate in a race can receive this designation after being screened by a committee of Farm Bureau members from counties within that district. A different process is used to evaluate Ohio Supreme Court candidates.

Are statewide executive level offices screened?

AGGPAC does not traditionally engage in the executive office races (governor, secretary of state, attorney general, auditor, treasurer). Additionally, AGGPAC does not endorse U.S. presidential candidates.

How are incumbents evaluated?

Incumbents are evaluated based on their voting record, an issue survey and county Farm Bureau member input on incumbents’ level of engagement. For incumbents to be considered for the designation, they must have a satisfactory voting record on Ohio Farm Bureau Key Votes. The other two components of their evaluation include satisfactory completion of Ohio Farm Bureau’s incumbent survey and a positive review by county Farm Bureaus. Since incumbents have a voting record and performance history, AGGPAC does not interview candidates who are challenging an incumbent.

How are open seat races handled?

County Farm Bureaus hold local screenings for Ohio General Assembly and congressional candidates to determine Friends of Agriculture. After a group of Farm Bureau members from within the district interview both candidates and discuss priority issues focused on agriculture-specific policy, the screening committee can recommend one candidate, both candidates, or neither candidate.

Are Ohio Supreme Court candidates reviewed?

Yes. When a judge seeks election to the Ohio Supreme Court, AGGPAC reviews the candidates’ rulings and opinions in cases relevant to Ohio Farm Bureau policy. Based on applicable case review by the committee, Friend of Agriculture designations are awarded to Ohio Supreme Court candidates.

More Ohio Farm Bureau election resources are available at ofbf.org/2022/09/30/ohio-farm-bureau-aggpac-2022-friend-of-agriculture/.

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