Ohio’s Country Journal & Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Ep. 272 |Birds, Insects, and Harvest This Podcast Has it All

This week’s podcast takes on a new twist as Matt and Dusty talk about the harvest progress around the state and the Fairfield County Fair. Then, they jump into several interviews to highlight different stories within the agriculture industry. First, Matt talks with Jenna Gregorich, with the Ohio Poultry Association on High Path Avian influenza. Kent Hardin from Bane-Welker Equipment talks with Matt about a harvest update. Matt then chats with Matt Apple, with Apple Farm Service and Barry Ward, OSU Extension, to talk about the ongoing supply chain issues. Lastly, Dusty visits with Andy Michel who is an OSU Extension entomologist to talk about an insect update from 2022. All this and more thanks to AgriGold!

00:00 Opening and OCJ/OAN Staff Update  

13:11 Jenna Gregorich – HPAI

23:00 Kent Hardin – Bane-Welker

29:06 Matt Apple and Barry Ward – Supply Chain

37:47 Andy Michel – OSU Extension

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