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By John Fulton, Elizabeth Hawkins, Stephanie Karhoff

Keeping up with the latest information to help with decision making on your farm can be easy. The Ohio State University Extension maintains several online resources related to crop production that offer timely and relevant information. These online resources include websites and social media maintained by OSU Extension personnel that focus on agronomy, precision agriculture, and farm management. There is also the Agronomy and Farm Management podcast released biweekly covering hot topics and current news. Videos sharing useful information and highlighting on-going research are available on both the Precision Ag and Agronomy YouTube channels.

Consider following the different social media accounts to keep up all the crop production and farm management news from Ohio State. Here is a listing of online resources to check out, follow and keep up with on your current crop production news from Ohio State University.  Please reach out with questions.


Digital Agriculture – – all your digital and precision agriculture information from Ohio State University

Agronomic Crops Network – – subscribe to the C.O.R.N. newsletter and receive timely agronomic information and news from the Agronomic Crops Team.

Weed Management – – Information about weeds and herbicides for the agricultural community

Farm Office – – find agricultural law and farm management resources.

Agronomy and farm management podcast – a biweekly podcast that covers current topics impacting agriculture and crop production such as: weather, land value, policies, commodity outlooks, and much more.


@OhioState Agronomy

@OhioState Precision Ag

Twitter accounts






Ohio State Precision Ag –

Ohio State Agronomy –

Ohio State Weed Management –

Dr. John Fulton is a Professor in the Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering Department at Ohio State University and can be reached at Dr. Elizabeth Hawkins is a Field Specialist for Ohio State University Extension and can be reached at Dr. Stephanie Karhoff is a Field Specialist for Ohio State University Extension and can be reached at

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