Cold weather, dry conditions

Cold weather and snow flurries accompanied producers as they proceeded towards completion of this year’s corn harvest, according to Cheryl Turner, State Statistician, USDA NASS, Ohio Field Office. With recent precipitation events, soil moisture levels improved in most areas of the State, although a sustained dry zone persisted in southwestern counties. The U.S. Drought Monitor showed moderate to severe drought in 37.7% of the State, down from 66.8% from the week before. Abnormally dry conditions or worse were observed in 76.3% of the State, down from 88.3% during the previous week. Topsoil moisture conditions were rated 17% very short, 33% short, 47% adequate, and 3% surplus. Statewide, the average temperature for the week ending on Nov. 20 was 30.6 degrees, 10.9 degrees below normal. Weather stations recorded an average of 0.22 inches of precipitation, 0.43 inches below average. There were 5.0 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending November 20. 

Corn for grain was 92% harvested, and the average moisture content of corn grain at harvest was 18%. Winter wheat was 93% emerged and winter wheat condition was rated 58% good to excellent; in the southwest, wheat was slower to emerge due to dry conditions. Soybean harvest was nearly complete, but there were reports that some operators in the northwest still had soybeans to be harvested. 

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