Farm Bureau urges Congress to address rail strike

Ohio Farm Bureau wrote a letter to Ohio’s congressional delegation urging swift action to avert a rail strike or lockout that would lead to shutdowns or slowdowns of rail-dependent facilities, resulting in devastating consequences to national and global food security.

This letter shares Ohio Farm Bureau’s support of the emergency resolution H.J. Res. 100, which would implement the Tentative Agreement as brokered by the administration with the rail labor unions and the railroads. 

“A strike or lockout, combined with existing challenges in the rail system, backlogs at our ports, and with trucking along with record-low water levels on the Mississippi River impacting numerous barge shipments, would be catastrophic for the agricultural and the broader U.S. economy,” the letter read. “Congress must act to prevent this from occurring. Thank you for your responsiveness to this imminent supply chain issue.”

The House is expected to take up H.J.Res. 100 for a vote on the floor as early as Nov. 30.

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