ODA Director Dorothy Pelanda talks with Farm Bureau's Joe Cornely during a fireside chat at Ag Day at the Capital.

Pelanda to retire as ODA Director

Dorothy Pelanda is retiring as Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Her last day will be Dec. 31, 2022.

In January of 2019, Rep. Dorothy Pelanda was nominated to serve as the next director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture by then Gov.-elect Mike Dewine. At the time, Pelanda stepped into the ODA director role occupied by Tim Derickson. Pelanda previously served on the Ohio House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee during the 2013-2014 Legislative Session. Pelanda had also been active on the state legislature, representing the 83rd House District, which includes Union and Logan counties, as well as most of Marion County. Pelanda’s career in public service began in 2011 when she was appointed to the Ohio House of Representatives. 

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  1. About time. Good riddance to a worthless bureaucrat and a divisive personality. PLEASE appoint someone competent next time. Ohio deserves better!!

  2. She was clearly in over her head on day 1. Why did Dewine wait 4 long years to can her? She’s pretty much solely to blame for him losing the majority of rural counties to Joe Blystone back in the primary. Terrible. Hope this next ag director is better.

  3. To be honest she was asked to do a really hard job. I spent some time with her at our fair. She knows almost nothing about agriculture and got a little defensive about it. And she was sort of nasty and condescending, but probably because all the stress she must be under. Cut her a some slack. Going to a bunch of county fairs must be taxing.

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