Ohio Corn & Wheat works toward agricultural exports in South America

United States agricultural exports account for one-third of gross farm income and millions of jobs in rural America. Brad Moffitt, Director of Market Development & Membership of Ohio Corn & Wheat (OCW), spent the first two weeks of November traveling South America to help open new markets for Ohio soft red winter wheat (SRW) farmers. By developing, maintaining and expanding international markets, OCW can enhance SRW’s profitability for U.S. wheat producers and its value for customers.

Moffitt, in partnership with U.S. Wheat Associates, met with current and potential buyers of U.S. SRW across Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, to discuss the quality, availability and the field conditions used for production of the 2022 crop. Moffitt provided details on current products while building relationships and offering information on the upcoming 2023 planting season.

“Wheat buyers, millers and bakers have a choice when it comes to sourcing Soft Red Winter Wheat, and the demand for Ohio SRW is high,” Moffit said. “By building relationships in South America, Ohio farmers have the opportunity to grow their business and help feed the world.”

SRW is one of six classes of wheat in the U.S. and accounts for roughly 15% of the nation’s wheat product. Ohio is a national leader in the production of soft red winter wheat, producing almost 40 million bushels per year.

This class of wheat is commonly used to add value to the miller and baker as a blending wheat. The use of SRW can lower grist cost and improve the quality and appearance of products like cakes, cookies and crackers.

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