Big Bud announces new offering for 2023

Big Equipment Co., LLC Havre, Mt. has partnered with Rome Agricultural and Construction

Equipment out of Cedartown, Ga. in building a new HD Big Bud Tractor to be released in March

of 2023.

The new Big Bud will be featured at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG International Construction Trade

show in Las Vegas this March.

The new 2023 640 Big Bud will house all Caterpillar drive components to include:

* 1.5-inch thick frame with an approximate weight of 70,000 pounds

* C-18 Engine with a capable horsepower range between 640-750HP

* CAT TA22 HD 18 speed power shift transmission

* CAT 988 HD Axles (the largest of any Big Bud Tractor or other tractors built).

There will be various wheel/tire options, including Titan LSW 1100/45R 46 Tires.

One of the primary objectives of this project is to provide a tractor that has components that

can be repaired by farmers, general mechanics or dealerships without restrictions.

Throughout the agricultural industry there has been an increased demand for tractors with

components and parts that are accessible to individuals, rather than limited availability/access

through manufacturers and dealerships- the industry standard at present is frustrating for

many people as they don’t have the right to repair and are instead confined to a particular

manufacturer or dealer for repairs, parts and maintenance.

The new Big Bud will fill a void that currently exists in the industry and will be competitively

priced. The 2023 640 Big Bud will provide an alternative that can be used, repaired and rebuilt,

almost without limitation.

Big Equipment Co. looks forward to providing a truly unique tractor to customers.

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