Great Plains VT1100 Turbo-Max

Great Plains partners with Bayer in supporting regenerative agriculture

Great Plains Mfg. is teaming up with ForGround by Bayer to support the adoption of regenerative ag practices. Great Plains and ForGround by Bayer are committed to helping growers overcome barriers, reduce risks, and provide tools and resources to assist in the successful adoption of these practices. Great Plains was strategically selected to join ForGround by Bayer’s “grower support networks” alongside other innovative companies in the agriculture space. 

With over 45 years of experience manufacturing quality equipment, Great Plains has a strong focus on providing producers with a holistic, systems-based approach to soil management by offering innovative, agronomic solutions that support profitability, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture practices. Great Plains is helping producers adopt regenerative agriculture practices by: 

• Supporting soil health — Great Plains encourages producers to plant cover crops and companion crops to promote soil health and sustainable cropping systems. By utilizing tools such as the BD7600 Box Drill or the Turbo-Seeder attachment on a true vertical tillage tool like the VT1100 Turbo-Max, operations can successfully establish cover crops to sustain soil microbial life, armor the soil surface from extreme temperatures and intense rainfall, cycle nutrients, and begin to regenerate soils for future generations. 

• Using innovative technology — Great Plains equipment offers innovative and practical technology with product features like variable-rate seeding and prescription mapping to maximize input efficiency for improved return on investment of crop inputs such as seed, fertilizer, chemical, fuel, and more. 

• Encouraging efficient soil management to protect soil carbon and organic matter — Great Plains recommends a systems-based soil management approach to reduce tillage intensity and increase long-term soil health. For no-till minded producers, the Great Plains Sub-Soiler effectively removes sub-surface compaction with minimal residue disturbance to improve crop yield potential. True vertical tillage implements like the Great Plains VT1100 Turbo-Max manages residue and reduces soil surface compaction with minimal soil disturbance, while improving crop yield and carbon capture potential. When partnered with the Turbo-Seeder, the VT1100 Turbo-Max also serves a cover crop seeding solution in the same pass to further enhance overall soil health potential. 

As a part of the ForGround by Bayer membership program, growers will receive a $50 per foot discount on new Great Plains box drills, as well as a Climate FieldView Plus subscription, exclusive agronomic articles and resources, access to the Bayer Carbon program with revenue opportunities, and special offers. ForGround by Bayer is free to join and currently open to all U.S. farmers, whether they are exploring, growing or expanding their regenerative agriculture practices. 

From soil health and management to accurate seed placement to cover crop strategies, Great Plains is proud to partner with ForGround by Bayer to provide producers with the agronomic tools and resources needed to be profitable and good stewards of the land. To learn more about the ForGround by Bayer membership and benefits, stop by the Great Plains Booth #6827 at the National Farm Machinery Show this week or visit:

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