Minyo thanks local levies for life-saving response

By Kim Lemmon

In early February, Dale Minyo was rushed by emergency squad to the local hospital. He had been feeling under the weather for several days and had been in contact with his physician. 

Despite his previous interactions with medical professionals to remedy his illness, Dale’s health deteriorated to a state in which emergency services were needed on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. He was later diagnosed with HSV1 Encephalitis. 

“I live in rural Morrow County, Ohio,” said Dale, general manager, and lead farm broadcaster for Ohio Ag Net. “I’m lucky, because I live only about 15 minutes from the local hospital, but even at that relatively small distance, I needed medical professionals to provide my medical care and transport.”

After transport via squad, Dale spent time at the Morrow County Hospital as well as Marion General before eventually being transport to Riverside Methodist Hospital ICU in Columbus.

“The treatment I received at the local level was imperative to my recovery,” he said. “Morrow County Hospital and Marion General Hospital started me on the correct medications immediately which made all the difference. My family and I will be forever grateful for the services and support we received locally made possible by tax dollars.”

In today’s inflated economy, it can be hard to make ends meet let alone consider voting to renew or increase local tax levies despite their importance. Dale’s recent illness and need for local emergency services shines a light on the necessity of supporting local emergency and medical levies.

“I benefited tremendously from local medical and emergency services.  I want to thank not only the medical professionals that treated me, but my neighbors and friends that assisted that first night that the squad was called,” Dale said. 

It is important to remember when voting that tax funded local services really matter and can often save a life. Dale is currently at home recovering. He continues to improve thanks to OhioHealth at Home Health Care nurses and the care he is receiving at Riverside Hospital Neurology. Dale has returned to work part-time and listeners should expect to hear his voice on the radio again soon.

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