Dave Brandt on his Fairfield County farm in 2012

Brandt passed away, leaving a legacy of conservation

Ohio agriculture has never before known a global cultural phenomenon quite like David Brandt, of Fairfield County, who passed away at the age of 76 from complications resulting from an automobile accident. 

He was known around the world as the face of a meme associated with honest work. In agricultural circles, Brandt will be remembered as a global leader in no-till, cover crops, soil health, nutrient dense crops, and direct marketing. Agriculturalists from around the world visited his Fairfield County farm each year to see his soils first-hand and learn from his many years of experience. He also traveled the world speaking about his farm. Brandt was a Vietnam veteran who returned home to farm in the late 1960s, but soon after his return, Brandt’s father died in a farming accident. He and his wife, Kendra (who passed away in 2020), were forced to sell the farm and start over with very little equipment. No-till was a way to reduce costs. Since then, Brandt’s use of no-till and cover crops has increased soil organic matter and decreased input costs dramatically. He has served as a conservation mentor to many. He farmed and operated Walnut Creek Seeds, with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson. 

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  1. RIP good man RIP

  2. He truly embraced “It ain’t much, but it’s Honest Work”. He definitely will live on in our memories.

  3. Just saw the news on my favorite meme page pr0 >_
    So sad to see another icon go, but he will join all the other legends uo there and stay in our minds.
    He will never stop doing honest work and we’ll try to keep his spirit alive

  4. Rest in peace, legend.

  5. We will miss you.

  6. His memory will live on forever in the digital space & the hearts of his family & loved ones. RIP, you legend

  7. Agriculture lost a great Paladin. Not all Heros wear capes. Some wear Overalls in Ohio

    Thank you for you service Dave. No-Till & Cover Croos 4 Lyfe!


  8. End of an era

    • And, folks can continue his practices of no-till and cover crops, etc. Build on his legacy as a good steward of the soil.

  9. An Ohioan like few others. We are all better off due to him.

    Rest easy Dave, you will be missed.

  10. rest in peace buddy

  11. RIP to this man. A nice kindly face, sad that death is the true enemy of us.

  12. Much love and respect from a Portuguese in Berlin

  13. We’ll miss you Dave – Rest in Peace 🙏🏻❤️

  14. A very good farmer I was to his place at least 30+ years ago and saw him several times at ag programs he knew no till from long ago

  15. Frostbite Mcflurry

    Some might say he didn’t do much, but it was honest work.

  16. RIP legend, may you continue your honest work in the beyond.

  17. A humility to aspire to, may we not forget his way of life.

  18. A very good farmer, I saw him several times at agricultural programs and visited his house at least thirty years ago. He didn’t know me till a long time ago.

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