Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast, May 23, 2023

We are extending our dry forecast now through Memorial Day and most of next week in over half of the state. The threat of rain that was trying very hard to develop late in the holiday weekend just does not have any good surge into more than SE Ohio at this point. So, for a large part of the north and western parts of the state, we are now looking at a dry pattern for the entire next 10 days.

A minor trough is sagging through MI tomorrow, but will fall apart as it moves into the southern Great LAkes region. Moisture is not an issue. Clouds that are accompanying the trough will also fall apart, but we likely do see a few more fair weather clouds in the northern part of the state tomorrow. We go back to full sunshine to finish the week. We will watch for a bit of scattered moisture rotating up from the south and east in to SE OH for Memorial Day.

With rain holding off until closer to the weekend of the 3rd and 4th, we should end up with all field work being able to be accomplished in the upcoming period.

The extended period is mostly dry, but we wont rule out a few scattered showers late the 3rd of June into the 4th, but action looks very spotty, if it can hold together at all.

The map below shows total rain departure from normal for the upcoming 10 day period….clearly we are expecting well below normal precipitation.

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