Taylor Poff from Geauga County gets a handshake from the judge for her fourth overall finish in the 2023 Ohio Beef Expo junior heifer show. Photo by Kamryn Kreis with Linde’s Livestock Photos.

BEST Banquet awards

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s (OCA) Beef Exhibitor Show Total (BEST) program wrapped up the 2022-2023 BEST season on May 6 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus at an awards banquet attended by over 750 participants and their families. Over 350 BEST exhibitors were awarded for their show success, cattle industry knowledge, photography skills, community service efforts and more.

This year’s BEST program featured seven weekends of sanctioned shows held throughout the state. Over 700 youth participants showed 1,000 head of market animals and heifers throughout the season.

This year’s sponsoring partners were Evans Family Ranch, Ag-Pro Companies, Bob Evans Farms, Diamond T Land and Cattle Co., Dickson Cattle Co., D&E Electric – The Young Family, M.H. EBY, Inc., The Folks Printing, Jones Show Cattle, R.D. Jones Excavating, Ricer Equipment, 6R Farms, Shepard Cattle Company and Weaver Livestock.

BEST Committee

The OCA BEST program is coordinated through the leadership of the BEST Committee. Serving on the BEST Committee are Chairman – Shane Riley, Fayette County; Vice-Chairman – Kim Herman, Allen County; Erin Alava, Hancock County, Drew Baus, Wood County; Ben Dickson, Marion County; Lindsey Hall, Highland County; Sarah Hunker, Huron County; Sally Puzacke, Tuscarawas County; Mckenzie Riley, Fayette County; Amber Shoemaker, Stark County; Linde Sutherly, Clark County; Ryan Sorensen, Montgomery County; Ian VanKirk, Licking County; Trevor Tom, Muskingum County; and Bill Tom, Ohio State Fair Beef Director. During the BEST awards banquet, the new junior representatives for the 2023-2024 season were announced. They are Cheyenne Myers, Stark County; Taylor and Tatumn Poff, Geauga County; and Noah Land, Wood County. Continuing for their second term are Luke Schroeder, Defiance County; Gage Farrar, Jackson County; and Grant Belleville, Wood County. Rachel O’Reilly, Geauga County; Dawson Osborn, Highland County; and Payton Shepard, Henry County have fulfilled their commitment as BEST Junior representatives.

The banquet kicked off with the annual Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) donation. BEST exhibitors raised money earlier in the year through the Celebrity Showdown and collected pop tabs all year. Over 600 pounds of pop tabs were collected, and this year’s donation total was $33,500. The highest donations were from HR Cattle Company with $5,030 and Kasen Cole, Preble County with $2,008. Taylor Poff, Geauga County submitted the most tabs with 220 pounds. 

Thanks to the program’s generous sponsors, many door prize giveaways and drawings were held. The hottest drawings were for the BEST trailer, the Buckeye Breeders Series (BBS) trailer (both trailers donated by M.H. EBY) and the John Deere Gator (donated by Ag-Pro). The winners of these prizes receive a full year’s use of the item. The following were this year’s winners:

BEST Trailer – Beau Johnson, Gallia County

BBS Trailer – Savannah Cecil, Monroe County

BBS Gator – Naomi Fennig, Mercer County

The Novice Division of BEST includes first year participants. All Novice exhibitors were given an entry into their own unique drawing for every animal they showed at each show throughout the season. This year’s prize was a wrapped grooming chute donated by Weaver Leather Livestock. The winner of the grooming chute was Paige Foreman, Lorain County.

The main event of the evening was the award recognition ceremony for the hard work exhibitors showcased throughout the season. The following are the awards presented throughout the night: 

Character Traits Winners 

OCA and Weaver Leather Livestock teamed up to recognize individuals that are exceptional leaders, no matter their age. Weaver sponsored the 2022 BEST character awards, highlighting Accountability, Teachable, Attitude, and Flexibility. Any OCA member, BEST participant or their parents could nominate exhibitors for any of these traits. This year’s winners were:

Accountability – Clare Hahn, Ashland County

Teachable – Sadie Moore, Fairfield County

Attitude – Danae Shaw, Perry County

Flexibility – Landon Moore, Fairfield County

Youth Scholarships 

BEST participants’ efforts in academics and extracurricular activities are also recognized through the BEST Scholarship program. This year four $1,000 scholarships were awarded:

Luke Jennings, Clermont County

Macy Young, Clark County

Delaney Moore, Fairfield County

Brooke Stottsberry, Noble County

13 Show Attendees

It takes a lot of time and dedication for juniors and their parents to attend any of the BEST shows, but several individuals attended all 13 BEST shows across the state. Ninety BEST participants won a free single-show entry pass for the 2023-2024 season.

Photography Contest

This year’s photography contest had top-notch entries encompassing four divisions: BEST Shows and Activities, Landscapes, People and Around the Farm. Three winners were awarded in each age division and an Editor’s Choice and Editor’s Choice Honorable Mention were selected from all submissions. The winners were as follows:

Beginner Division
1st Place Beginner – McKinley Palsgrove, Fairfield County
2nd Place Beginner – Madison Fisher, Perry County
3rd Place Beginner – McKinley Palsgrove, Fairfield County

Junior Division
1st Place Junior – Emma Helsinger, Preble County
2nd Place Junior – Piper Shepard, Henry County

3rd Place Junior – Emma Helsinger, Preble County

Intermediate Division
1st Place Intermediate – Tatumn Poff, Geauga County
2nd Place Intermediate – Taylor Poff, Geauga County
3rd Place Intermediate – Sadie Moore, Fairfield County

Senior Division
1st Place Senior – Nathan Videkovich, Pickaway County
2nd Place Senior – Madison Jolliff, Hardin County
3rd Place Senior – Mason Love, Fairfield County

Adult Division

1st Place Adult ­­­­– Desirae Logsdon, Fairfield County

2nd Place Adult – Renae Logsdon, Fairfield County

3rd Place Adult – Kim Videkovich, Pickaway County

Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice – Renae Logsdon, Fairfield County
Editor’s Choice Honorable Mention – Chloe Kreinbrink, Hancock

Heifer and Market Animal Champions:

Champion Angus Heifer – Elly Castello, Belmont County
Reserve Champion Angus Heifer – Bryson Jones, Allen County 

(TIE) Third Overall Angus Heifer  – Sydney Sanders, Highland County

(TIE) Third Overall Angus Heifer – Rees Toler, Gallia County
Fourth Overall Angus Heifer – Sydney Kleman, Putnam County
Fifth Overall Angus Heifer – Payton Walker, Stark County

Champion Angus Steer – Cheyenne Myers, Stark County
Reserve Champion Angus Steer – Griffin Gahler, Allen County

Champion Charolais Heifer – Sara Leith, Lawrence County 
Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer – Cami Gowitzka, Richland County

Champion %Charolais Heifer – Colton Beck, Morrow County 
Reserve Champion %Charolais Heifer – Macy Stanley, Ross County

Champion Charolais Steer – Tatumn Poff, Geauga County 
Reserve Champion Charolais Steer – Lane Bauer, Crawford County

Champion Chianina Heifer – Jorja Morgan, Gallia County
Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer – Carly Sanders, Highland County

Champion Chianina Steer – McKayla Nelson, Meigs County 
Reserve Champion Chianina Steer – Olivia Jones, Allen County
Third Overall Chianina Steer – Whitney Emmerling, Clark County
Fourth Overall Chianina Steer – Carson Fishback, Clermont County
Fifth Overall Chianina Steer – Garrett Reusch, Medina County

Champion Hereford Heifer – Delaney Chester, Warren County
Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer – Gracie Giulitto, Portage County

Third Overall Hereford Heifer – Brooklynn Warner, Belmont County
Fourth Overall Hereford Heifer – McKalynne Helmke, Tuscarawas County
Fifth Overall Hereford Heifer – Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County 

Champion Hereford Steer – Delaney Chester, Warren County
Reserve Champion Hereford Steer – Jocelyn Belleville, Wood County

Champion High % Maine-Anjou Heifer – Reed Schumacher, Putnam County 
Reserve Champion High % Maine-Anjou Heifer – Caylee Sager, Fulton County 

Third Overall High % Maine-Anjou Heifer – Sadie Moore, Fairfield County
Fourth Overall High % Maine-Anjou Heifer – Masen Jolliff, Hardin County

Fifth Overall High % Maine-Anjou Heifer – Mallory Peter, Defiance County

Champion MaineTainer Heifer – Jorja Morgan, Gallia County 
Reserve Champion MaineTainer Heifer – Beau Johnson, Gallia County 
Third Overall MaineTainer Heifer – Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County 
Fourth Overall MaineTainer Heifer – Grace England, Portage County
(TIE) Fifth Overall MaineTainer Heifer – Tanner Butcher, Hardin County
(TIE) Fifth Overall MaineTainer Heifer – Carly Csapo, Wayne County
(TIE) Fifth Overall MaineTainer Heifer – Naomi Fennig, Mercer County

Champion Maine-Anjou Steer – Jayla Ricer, Pike County 
Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Steer – Kolten Greenhorn, Greene County
Third Overall Maine-Anjou Steer – Kya Csapo, Wayne County
Fourth Overall Maine-Anjou Steer – Ruger White, Ashland County

Fifth Overall Maine-Anjou Steer – Makayla Vest, Perry County

Champion Shorthorn Heifer – Bristol Bates, Muskingum County

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer – Amanda Annett, Knox County
Third Overall Shorthorn Heifer – Jozie Beiser, Preble County
Fourth Overall Shorthorn Heifer – Kolten Greenhorn, Greene County
Fifth Overall Shorthorn Heifer – Joshua Blakeman, Jackson County

Champion Shorthorn Steer – Asher Conley, Scioto County
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer – Porter Beck, Morrow County

Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer – Garrett Reusch, Medina County
Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Heifer – Brextyn Grabiel, Morrow County

Champion ShorthornPlus Steer – Emily Scott, Portage County 
Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Steer – Reid Bishop, Clark County 

Third Overall ShorthornPlus Steer – Logan Bowcott, Gallia County

Fourth Overall ShorthornPlus Steer – Josey Schiff, Butler County 

Fifth Overall ShorthornPlus Steer – Harrison Sutphen, Muskingum County

Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer – Payton Shepard, Henry County
Reserve Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer – Joanna Burga, Guernsey County

Third Overall Purebred Simmental Heifer – Lilly Owen, Williams County

Fourth Overall Purebred Simmental Heifer – Abigail Sharpe, Licking County 

Fifth Overall Purebred Simmental Heifer – Nathan Heimerl, Licking County 

Champion % Simmental Heifer – Hailey Cornett, Highland County 
Reserve Grand Champion % Simmental Heifer – Taylor Poff, Geauga County

Third Overall % Simmental Heifer – Brade Wright, Perry County

Fourth Overall % Simmental Heifer – Grace Almendinger, Licking County

Fifth Overall % Simmental Heifer – Mckayla Creasap, Morrow County

Champion Simmental Steer – Russell Fox, Seneca County
Reserve Champion Simmental Steer – Sydnie Stewart, Preble County

Champion High % AOB Heifer – Luke Jennings, Clermont County 
Reserve Champion High % AOB Heifer – Cole Hilaman, Huron County

Champion Low % AOB Heifer – D’lelah Laber, Highland County 
Reserve Champion Low % AOB Heifer – Ashton Bain, Highland County

Champion AOB Steer – Taylor Poff, Geauga County
Reserve Champion AOB Steer – Brandon Sachara, Wayne County 

Market Heifer
Champion Market Heifer – Madison Fisher, Perry County
Reserve Champion Market Heifer – Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County
Third Overall Market Heifer – Kylee Bloomfield, Crawford County 

Fourth Overall Market Heifer – Jack Stingley, Clinton County
Fifth Overall Market Heifer – Tyler Stephens, Gallia County

Champion Crossbred Heifer – Riley Berger, Coshocton County
Reserve Champion Crossbred Heifer – Madison Fisher, Perry County 
Third Overall Crossbred Heifer – Brooklyn Berry, Knox County
(TIE) Fourth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Avery Sautter, Sandusky County 

(TIE) Fourth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Jack Stingley, Clinton County 

Fifth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Delaney Moore, Fairfield County
Sixth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Emily Heimerl, Licking County
Seventh Overall Crossbred Heifer – Jozie Beiser, Preble County
(TIE) Eighth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Josie Bowcott, Gallia County

(TIE) Eighth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Maggie Sautter, Sandusky County 
Ninth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Luke Schroeder, Defiance County 
Tenth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Sydney Sanders, Highland County 
Eleventh Overall Crossbred Heifer – Mackenzie Bromley, Muskingum County
Twelfth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Campbell Shepard, Henry County
(TIE) Thirteenth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Carter Welty, Hancock County

(TIE) Thirteenth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Brantley Sautter, Wood County

(TIE) Thirteenth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Avery Heimerl, Licking County 
Fourteenth Overall Crossbred Heifer – Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County
Fifteenth Overall Crossbred Heifer – John Goebel, Williams County

Champion Crossbred Steer – Delaney Jones, Allen County
Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer – Cody Foor, Licking County 
Third Overall Crossbred Steer – Ryleigh Egbert, Auglaize County 
Fourth Overall Crossbred Steer – Hannah Randolph, Jefferson County

(TIE) Fifth Overall Crossbred Steer – Riley Burtchin, Wood County

(TIE) Fifth Overall Crossbred Steer – Wyatt Osborn, Highland County

Sixth Overall Crossbred Steer – Grace Sautter, Sandusky County
Seventh Overall Crossbred Steer – Stella Koehler, Fairfield County 
Eighth Overall Crossbred Steer – Addison Lust, Crawford County
Ninth Overall Crossbred Steer – Lilliana Guilitto, Portage County
Tenth Overall Crossbred Steer – Gracie Guilitto, Portage County
Eleventh Overall Crossbred Steer – Wyatt Binckley, Licking County
Twelfth Overall Crossbred Steer – Noah Lang, Wood County 
(TIE) Thirteenth Overall Crossbred Steer – Mason Kinney, Huron County

(TIE) Thirteenth Overall Crossbred Steer – Grant Belleville, Wood County 
Fourteenth Overall Crossbred Steer – Kaden McGuffey, Champaign County
Fifteenth Overall Crossbred Steer – Lainey Miller, Licking County

BEST Novice Champions

Champion Novice Heifer – Cami Gowitzka, Richland County – Charolais

Reserve Champion Novice Heifer – Brock Fox, Seneca County – Shorthorn
Third Overall Novice Heifer – Addison Sims, Madison County – Crossbred

(TIE) Fourth Overall Novice Heifer – Abby Wolbaugh, Wayne County – Purebred Simmental

(TIE) Fourth Overall Novice Heifer – Autumn Tubbs, Madison County – Shorthorn Plus

(TIE) Fourth Overall Novice Heifer – Brennan Manning, Darke County – Hereford
Fifth Overall Novice Heifer – Cade Newland, Meigs County – % Charolais
Sixth Overall Novice Heifer – Lainey Schlabach, Holmes County – MaineTainer

Seventh Overall Novice Heifer – Allie Isaly, Monroe County, MaineTainer
(TIE) Eighth Overall Novice Heifer – Brooke Jagger, Morrow County – Hereford

(TIE) Eighth Overall Novice Heifer – Tyler Stephens, Gallia County – Crossbred

Ninth Overall Novice Heifer – Tasha Crites, Defiance County – MaineTainer
Tenth Overall Novice Heifer – Gerry Smith III, Medina County – Charolais

Market Animals

Champion Novice Steer – Tyler Stephens, Gallia County – Market Heifer

Reserve Champion Novice Steer – Ruger White, Ashland County – Maine-Anjou
Third Overall Novice Steer – Alyssa Bullard, Ashtabula County – Crossbred

Fourth Overall Novice Steer – Josey Schiff, Butler County – Shorthorn Plus
Fifth Overall Novice Steer – Addison Sims, Madison County, Crossbred
Sixth Overall Novice Steer – Delaney Bell, Muskingum County – Shorthorn
Seventh Overall Novice Steer – Griffin Gahler, Ottawa County – Angus
Eighth Overall Novice Steer – Jacob Stahl, Madison County – Crossbred

Ninth Overall Novice Steer – Peyton Pickering, Huron County – Crossbred

Tenth Overall Novice Steer – Aubree Wood, Sandusky County – Hereford

BEST Bred & Owned Champions

Champion Bred & Owned Heifer – Beau Johnson, Gallia County – MaineTainer
Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Heifer– Kolten Greenhorn, Greene County – Shorthorn

Third Overall Bred & Owned Heifer – Wyatt Binckley, Licking County – Low % AOB
Fourth Overall Bred & Owned Heifer – Hannah Millikan, Henry County – %Simmental
(TIE) Fifth Overall Bred & Owned Heifer– Rees Toler, Gallia County – Angus

(TIE) Fifth Overall Bred & Owned Heifer– Mallory Peter, Defiance County – Low % AOB

Champion Bred & Owned Steer – Brandon Sachara, Wayne County – AOB
Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Steer – Cheyenne Baker, Preble County – Shorthorn
Third Overall Bred & Owned Steer – Rees Toler, Gallia County – Angus
Fourth Overall Bred & Owned Steer – Nathan Miller, Erie County – Shorthorn
Fifth Overall Bred & Owned Steer – Kaden Gardner, Preble County – Chianina

BEST Showmanship Winners

Champion Beginner Showman – Makayla Creasap, Morrow County 
Reserve Beginner Showman – Naomi Fennig, Mercer County 
Third Overall Beginner Showman – Brooklyn Berry, Knox County
Fourth Overall Beginner Showman – D’lelah Laber, Highland County
Fifth Overall Beginner Showman – Josie Bowcott, Gallia County
Sixth Overall Beginner Showman – Madison Fisher, Perry County
Seventh Overall Beginner Showman – Annabelle Berry, Knox County
Eighth Overall Beginner Showman – Bristol Bates, Muskingum County
Ninth Overall Beginner Showman – Maggie Sautter, Sandusky County 
Tenth Overall Beginner Showman – Avery Flax, Clark County 

Champion Junior Showman – Kolten Greenhorn, Greene County  
Reserve Champion Junior Showman – Hailey Cornett, Highland County
Third Overall Junior Showman – Jozie Beiser, Preble County
Fourth Overall Junior Showman – Avery Sautter, Sanduksy County
Fifth Overall Junior Showman – Asa Minton, Adams County
Sixth Overall Junior Showman – Reid Bishop, Clark County
Seventh Overall Junior Showman – Hayden Shumaker, Warren County
Eighth Overall Junior Showman – Lillianna Giulitto, Portage County 
Ninth Overall Junior Showman – Jocelyn Belleville, Wood County
(TIE) Tenth Overall Junior Showman – Piper Shepard, Henry County

(TIE) Tenth Overall Junior Showman – Kendall Bishop, Clark County 

Champion Novice Showman – Lilly Gahler, Ottawa County 
Reserve Novice Showman – Riley Schindler, Defiance County 
Third Overall Novice Showman – Ava Calderone, Knox County
Fourth Overall Novice Showman – Addison Sims, Madison County

(TIE) Fifth Overall Novice Showman – Brooke Jagger, Morrow County 
(TIE) Fifth Overall Novice Showman – Lainey Schlabach, Holmes County
Sixth Overall Novice Showman – Tyler Stephens, Gallia County
(TIE) Seventh Overall Novice Showman – Madison Cook, Union County 

(TIE) Seventh Overall Novice Showman – Annabelle Harris, Preble County
Eighth Overall Novice Showman – Griffin Gahler, Ottawa County 
Ninth Overall Novice Showman – Alyssa Bullard, Ashtabula County
Tenth Overall Novice Showman – Olesia Looker, Morrow County 

Champion Intermediate Showman – Marissa Graham, Licking County
(TIE) Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman – Wyatt Binckley, Licking County

(TIE) Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman – Karissa Treadway, Warren County  
Third Overall Intermediate Showman – Taylor Barton, Clinton County

Fourth Overall Intermediate Showman – Logan Schroeder, Defiance County
Fifth Overall Intermediate Showman – Ashton Bain, Highland County 
Sixth Overall Intermediate Showman – Kaylee Jennings, Clermont County
Seventh Overall Intermediate Showman – Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County
Eighth Overall Intermediate Showman – Delaney Chester, Warren County
Ninth Overall Intermediate Showman – Brade Wright, Perry County 
Tenth Overall Intermediate Showman – Mason Kinney, Huron County

Champion Senior Showman – Kylee Bloomfield, Crawford
Reserve Champion Senior Showman – Luke Jennings, Clermont County
Third Overall Senior Showman – McKalynne Helmke, Tuscarawas County
Fourth Overall Senior Showman – Beau Johnson, Gallia County 
Fifth Overall Senior Showman – Grace England, Portage County 
Sixth Overall Senior Showman – Luke Schroeder, Defiance County
Seventh Overall Senior Showman – Reed Schumacher, Putnam County 
Eighth Overall Senior Showman – Emily Scott, Portage County
Ninth Overall Senior Showman – Andrew Lyle, Ashtabula County
Tenth Overall Senior Showman – Delaney Jones, Allen County

Stockmanship Division

The Stockmanship Division of BEST offers contests for participants to showcase their abilities and talents outside of the ring. This year, the program hosted four different contests Prepared Speaking, Salesmanship, Cattlemen’s Challenge and the Fitting Contest. This year’s overall Stockmanship winners were:

Beginner Division:

Champion – Claire Atterholt, Ashland County

Reserve Champion – Natalie Atterholt, Ashland County

Third Overall – McKinley Palsgrove, Fairfield County

Fourth Overall – Kasen Cole, Preble County 

Fifth Overall – Maggie Sautter, Sandusky County

Junior Division:

Champion – Owen Bailey, Wayne County

Reserve Champion – Avery Sautter, Sandusky County

Third Overall – Grace Sautter, Sandusky County

Fourth Overall – Emma Helsinger, Preble County

Fifth Overall – Ruger White, Ashland County 

Novice Division:

Champion – Brock Fox, Seneca County

Reserve Champion – Aliyah Williams, Greene County

Third Overall – Griffin Gahler, Ottawa County 

Fourth Overall – Annabelle Harris, Preble County

Fifth Overall – Lilly Gahler, Ottawa County

Intermediate Division:

Champion – Tatumn Poff, Geauga County

(TIE) Reserve Champion – Cheyenne Myers, Stark County

(TIE) Reserve Champion – Lexi Perry, Ottawa County

Third Overall – Emma Lewis, Lorain County

Fourth Overall – Riley Burtchin, Wood County

Fifth Overall – Madalynn Dunham, Champaign County

Senior Division:

Champion – Delaney Moore, Fairfield County

Reserve Champion – Madisen Jolliff, Hardin County 

Third Overall – Erica Nerderman, Preble County

Fourth Overall – Leeann Walker, Stark County

Fifth Overall – Kylee Bloomfield, Crawford County

Buckeye Breeders Series Champions

The Buckeye Breeders Series (BBS) recognizes breeders and exhibitors who show cattle bred, born and raised in Ohio.    


ANGUS HEIFERS                                                               

Champion – Bryson Jones, Allen County

Reserve Champion – Rees Toler, Gallia County

CHAROLAIS HEIFERS                                                      

Champion – Cami Gowitzka, Richland County

Reserve Champion – Easton Sautter, Wood County

% CHAROLAIS HEIFERS                                                 

Champion – Colton Beck, Morrow County 

Reserve Champion – Taylor Michel, Huron County

CHIANINA HEIFERS                                                          

Champion – Kaylee Jennings, Clermont County 

Reserve Champion – Ella Reed, Fairfield County

HEREFORD HEIFERS                                                      

Champion – Brooklynn Warner, Belmont County

Reserve Champion – Caiden Daugherty, Morrow County 

HIGH % MAINE-ANJOU HEIFERS                                                  

Champion – Caylee Sager, Fulton County

Reserve Champion – Sadie Moore, Fairfield County

MAINETAINER HEIFERS                                                  

Champion – Beau Johnson, Gallia County

Reserve Champion – Jorja Morgan, Gallia County

SHORTHORN HEIFERS                                                   

Champion – Bristol Bates, Muskingum County

Reserve Champion – Reed Schumacher, Putnam County 

SHORTHORN PLUS HEIFERS                                                       

Champion – Garrett Reusch, Medina County

Reserve Champion – James Myers, Licking County 

PUREBRED SIMMENTAL HEIFERS                                                               

Champion – Payton Shepard, Henry County

Reserve Champion – Lilly Owen, Williams County

% SIMMENTAL HEIFERS                                                 

Champion – Grace Almendinger, Licking County

Reserve Champion – Ella Forni, Licking County

HIGH % AOB HEIFERS                                                     

Champion – Luke Jennings, Clermont County

Reserve Champion – Tucker Shepard, Henry County

LOW % AOB HEIFERS                                                      

Champion – Wyatt Binckley, Licking County 

Reserve Champion – Emily Scott, Portage County 


ANGUS STEERS                                                

Champion – Rees Toler, Gallia County

Reserve Champion – Hannah Millikan, Henry County

CHAROLAIS STEERS                                                       

Champion – Lane Bauer, Crawford County

Reserve Champion – Madison Cook, Union County

CHIANINA STEERS                                                           

Champion – Carson Fishback, Clermont County

Reserve Champion – Whitney Emmerling, Clark County

HEREFORD STEERS                                                        

Champion – Jess Miller, Holmes County 

Reserve Champion – Aubree Wood, Sandusky County 

MAINE-ANJOU STEERS                                                   

Champion – Jayla Ricer, Pike County

Reserve Champion – Kolten Greenhorn, Greene County

SHORTHORN STEERS                                                    

Champion – Gage Farrar, Jackson County

(TIE) Reserve Champion – Geno Milano, Stark County

(TIE) Reserve Champion – Cheyenne Baker, Preble County

SHORTHORN PLUS STEERS                                                         

Champion – Reid Bishop, Clark County

Reserve Champion – Harrison Sutphen, Muskingum County

SIMMENTAL STEERS                                                       

Champion – Owen Bailey, Wayne County

Reserve Champion – Andrew Johnson, Preble County

AOB STEERS                                                      

Champion – Taylor Poff, Geauga County

Reserve Champion – Jacob Hiles, Pickaway County

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