Nope...not that kind of gator.

Gators and a grenade

By Matt Reese

A couple of noteworthy rural Ohio happenings occurred recently. Levi Haselman, owner of Next Gen Organics in Hancock County, (who joined Ohio Ag Net for a Cab Cam last year), found an antique hand grenade in his recently planted corn field. On May 21, Haselman picked up what he thought was a piece of rusty metal from an old tillage tool to discover it was a grenade, estimated at between 40 and 100 years old. No one is quite sure how it got in a farm field. He called the sheriff, who contacted the Toledo bomb squad. Haselman and his unsettling corn field find were featured on WTOL11 in this segment.

Not to be outdone, Auglaize County officials turned up two alligators swimming in the St. Mary’s River. The pair of reptiles was first spotted on May 7. One was shot and killed by a Division of Wildlife officer. The other one, about two feet long, remains at large. 

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