One of the careers students learned about was veterinary medicine.

MoCo Career Expo

By Amanda Staley, OSU Extension 4-H Educator, and Angela Powell, workforce development coordinator for Morrow County

Nearly 400 Morrow County ninth grade students attended the first MoCo Career Expo on Thursday, May 4 at the Morrow County Fairgrounds and the Mt. Gilead EMS Station.  

This expo was designed to give Morrow County youth the opportunity to learn more about six of the 18 careers featured within the industries of agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing with goal of helping them decide whether these career options may or may not be a good fit for them in the future. At each station they were given the opportunity to complete a task that usually occurs within the career field. For example, when learning about being a veterinarian, they were asked to take the vital signs of a goat, or when learning about caring for a patient in cardiac arrest, students were taught to use an AED.   

Evaluation surveys were conducted and 77% of students surveyed agreed that they learned about careers they didn’t know about before the career expo. In addition, 95% of students attending the healthcare sessions agreed they increased their knowledge of healthcare careers, and 80% of ag/manufacturing session attendees agreed they increased their knowledge of ag/manufacturing careers. 

The MoCo Career Expo was spearheaded by the Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center Business Advisory Council’s Morrow County Action Team. The Morrow County Action Team is made up of over 15 community partners and is led by Amy Wood, Director of Special Projects at Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, Angela Powell, Morrow County Development Coordinator, and Amanda Staley, OSU Extension 4-H Educator.  

This expo was held during Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Week.   

Thank you to lunch sponsors: E.D.S The Sauce Guys, Mid-Ohio Educational Service Center, and OSU Extension-Morrow County.  

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