Big wheat numbers for Dawson Farms | Wheat Harvest Cab Cam | Doug Dawson, Delaware County

Big numbers on the yield monitor are the theme for this year’s wheat harvest at Dawson Farms in Delaware County. Ohio Ag Net’s Joel Penhorwood stopped by for a Cab Cam with Doug Dawson as he and his family worked to finish the last of their wheat.

Dawson said the big year has reminded him of some in the past, and along with it, some advice for fellow farmers.

“Keep hitting singles, guys,” he said. “I have learned in 40 years when you’re swinging for home runs and trying to hit the top of the market, you’ll never do it.”

Listen in to the full Cab Cam, sponsored by Precision Agri Services Inc. More online at

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  1. Wow, it’s great to hear about Dawson Farms’ big wheat harvest in Delaware County! 🌾 It sounds like they’ve had an impressive yield this year. Doug Dawson’s advice to “keep hitting singles” instead of always aiming for home runs is really insightful. It must be rewarding to see all their hard work pay off in such a productive harvest. I wonder how their methods contribute to their success and if other farmers in the area follow similar practices. 🤔

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